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Nykaa introduces luxurious bathing bars with ‘Soap Story’


, India’s largest multi-brand beauty platform, has added a brand new category to its portfolio with its latest launch, ‘’, a refreshing and invigorating selection of hand-crafted bathing bars.

Nykaa introduces luxurious bathing bars with 'Soap Story'
Nykaa.com, India’s largest multi-brand beauty platform, has added a brand new category to its portfolio with its latest launch, ‘Soap Story’, a refreshing and invigorating selection of hand-crafted bathing bars

These bathing bars, come in eight variants, offering a unique fragrance profile as well as benefits – Rose and Almond ,Tea Tree and Aloe, Brown Sugar and Almond Oil, Charcoal and Green Tea, Argan Oil and Mango Butter, Coffee and Cocoa Butter- Sandalwood and Blackened Vanilla, and Lavender and Chamomile.

This key category launch eyes the growing market share of nature-inspired products, which are fast becoming the buzzword across the beauty and wellness industry. Nykaa’s ‘Soap Story’ is part of a shift towards the ‘natural’ inspired segment, which is part of a global phenomenon across consumer preferences. Research suggests that 74 per cent consumers are concerned with the impact of pollution and a more stressful lifestyle, they will look for innovative organic skincare solutions with a link to plant based extracts or natural formulations. (Source: Euromonitor International 2016).

Nykaa, which has created a strong portfolio of beauty and personal care brands, under the Nykaa Label, is a trend forward brand that taps into the need gaps across the market. The launch of the brand-new category of Soap Story’ bathing bars, finds the brand expanding its portfolio into the wellness and ‘care’ segment.

After building a portfolio across, colour cosmetics, skin care and personal care, the Nykaa label has recently introduced, ‘Nykaa Naturals’, a distinct shift towards the natural care and wellness. , CEO, (), Nykaa.com has led the growth and expansion of the Nykaa Label into new segments, offering consumers, a trend forward product profile, with international formulations and value added benefits.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Soap Story’, Reena Chabbra, explains, “Consumers today want to feel more connected to nature, and are looking for sustainable beauty and wellness solutions that are connected to the bounty of the earth. There is a shift towards going back to nature, as well as a renewed interest in our environment. Hence the world over, there is a global demand for natural or organic products. Consumers are opting for better quality, as well as sustainable beauty and wellness that has stronger efficacy and nurtures as well. There is a conscious movement to offer consumers more result and care oriented solutions, which bring greater quality to the table. We earlier launched the Nykaa Naturals range with a selection of Essential Oils, and we now have added to the same with ‘Soap Story’, which brings greater quality to the table.”

The bathing bars, which have been launched across Nykaa On-trend stores and the online portal, have been created with special hand-crafted processes, which bring in traditional blending techniques. Each bar has been infused with a special blend of essential oils and spices, and delicately hand churned with Shea and Coco Butters.

Apart from offering a rich fragrance profile, which will refresh and relax you, these bathing bars are great for your skin. They are all natural, and free from harmful sulphates, paraben and mineral oils. Each bath experience is based on the sensorial experience as well as ‘natural care’ and efficacy. The launch of ‘Soap Story’ is targeted to an increasing section of Indian consumers who are looking at ‘natural’ as a differentiator. Nykaa, is expanding its private label offerings to plug the gaps in the Indian beauty market where brands are not yet available. Nykaa’s own bathing range operates in the same segment as top international brands, giving consumers an experience at par with the same.