Priyank Sukhija, Owner, CEO and MD, First Fiddle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd


Priyank Sukhija is a prolific restaurateur, industrious to the core and a true innovator! A simple man, he doesn’t sweat of success. An amiable personality, he is zealous towards what he does.

Born in a family of educated lawyers, Sukhija has been the captain of his own boat. The only businessman in the family, he opened the fine-dining restaurant Lazeez Affaire at Malcha Marg, with support from his parents at the young age of 19. The success of Lazeez Affaire prompted him to take Delhi’s existing culinary experience and transform it into something no one could foresee.

A dyslexic by birth, he never studied restaurant management. The art of creation and running a business comes naturally to him. “I am my own competition,” he says. He is a true dreamer. He believes in following his heart and making a life on his own. His fascination towards design and interiors has lead to him investing heavily in the appearances of the restaurants.

For Sukhija, his inspiration comes from traveling and he is a meticulous person as we can gauge from his endeavors so far. He loves doing what he does. “To do it for as long as I can, that is my vision for myself”, says Sukhija.

He owns restaurants like Tamasha, Lord Of The Drinks, Lazeez Affaire, Warehouse Cafe, Openhouse Cafe, Teddy Boy, Flying Saucer, Cafe Southall and Townhouse.