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Bayar’s coffee launches ‘Red Sirocco’


Bayar’s Coffee, Bengaluru-based speciality roaster has launched ‘Red Sirocco’ a premium range of gourmet coffee blends that offers a specialised coffee experience to coffee lovers. Red Sirocco is an exquisite range created from the finest Arabica speciality coffee beans sourced from Columbia, Ethiopia, Kenya and India.

Bayar’s coffee launches ‘Red Sirocco’
Named after the Mediterranean winds, Red Sirocco is available in four blends

Commenting on the new coffee range R Nagaraja Rao, Director, Bayar’s Coffee said, “More and more coffee lovers are now increasingly exposed to global tastes and flavours in coffee consumption. At Bayar’s we have always believed in discovering and delivering premium taste to coffee connoisseurs. We created ‘Red Sirocco’ to offer a luxuriously rich blend that will leave a coffee lover immensely satisfied.”

Bayar’s coffee has been in the coffee industry since 1971 and is recognised for its quality blends, in the hotel, restaurant & catering and retail segments. Over the years, the brand has noticed a growing demand for specialty brews. Bayar’s coffee is known for sourcing the finest coffee beans in India and roasting them to perfection using modern technology to create signature blends.Through Red Sirocco, Bayar’s coffee will rapidly expand across key markets in North and South India.

Named after the Mediterranean winds, Red Sirocco is available in four blends. They are:

Italia Roast: With the flavor of dark chocolate, Red Sirocco Italia Roast is a special blend of coffee that has an intense aroma along with tangy undertones.

Alpha Roast: Medium roasted stone fruit &hazelnut flavoured Alpha roast has a buttery rich flavour of roasted hazelnuts with a sweet creamy finish.

First Rush: Rich caramel flavoured coffee blend with a refreshing aroma and luscious taste of caramel.

Cinnamon: Light roasted coffee blend with a fruity, almost berry like flavour infused with mild and fragrant coffee.

Priced at Rs 1,000-1,500 per kg, Red Sirocco will be available at leading retail outlets like Metro and Nature’s Basket and through its website www.redsirocco.com

Bayar’s Coffee is also planning to impart coffee education experience in India. Under the Red Sirocco brand, Bayar’s will organise the ‘Q Grader Arabica and Robusta’ training in Bengaluru.