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TRRAIN Retail Award Winners



TRRAIN organised the sixth edition of its flagship TRRAIN Retail Awards 2017 in Mumbai on Day 2 of the Retail Leadership Summit, which was in turn organised by Retailers Association of India (RAI) on February 16, 2017. The event awarded front end retail associates working across the retail sector for their exceptional customer service initiatives across categories like Food, Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Malls and QSRs. Persons with Disabilities (PwD’s) Retail Associates were also recognized for demonstrating excellence in their jobs as Special Category Winners.

Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico felicitated the winners in a glittering evening along with
B S Nagesh, Founder, TRRAIN.

1National Winner – Gold: Somnath Wagh, Shopper’s Stop, Pune

It was festival season and the mall was crowded with loads of shoppers who wanted to buy gifts for the occasion. One such shopper was Mr. Patil, who wanted to buy gifts for his staff. Somnath attended to Patil, showing him loads of products that he could buy – but the customer wasn’t satisfied. Somnath then suggested a combination of products that could be put together and gift wrapped beautifully. The customer was happy with this – he ordered 80 sets of these gifts to be delivered before 10 am the next day. Once the customer left, it was time for Somnath to start sorting the order out. He started tracking the availability of the products in the stores at different locations. The products had to be collected from 3 different stores in the city. With the help of one other colleague, Somnath managed to source all the products by 5 pm that evening. The giftwrapping could only start at 9:30 pm. By then, everyone including the giftwrapping employee had left. Somnath and two of his colleagues stayed back and wrapped each gift individually until after midnight.

At 8:30 am the next day, the delivery van arrived, the products were loaded and the delivery was done. Mr. Patil was in the banking sector and wanted to go and deliver gifts to the employees in different banks. There was one small problem – his vehicle was too small to fit in all the presents. Somnath immediately offered that he could accompany Mr. Patil in the store vehicle. It was the last working day of the week for all the banks and the distribution had to be done before they closed at 2 pm. Somnath and his colleague set out with Mr. Patil, delivering each gift with a smile on their faces. The gifts were all given on time and Mr. Patil was extremely pleased with this delightful customer service experience.

2National Winner- Silver: Purabi Das, Domino’s Pizza, Guwahati

One evening, a mother and her 4-year-old son walked into Domino’s because the child wanted to eat pizza. Purabi assisted them with their order. After a while, there was a strange smell and Purabi noticed that the child had vomited on the pizza. The mother was embarrassed since there were other customers all around them. Purabi acted quickly. She reassured the mom and asked her to remain calm while she cleaned the table. She even took the child to the washroom and helped him clean up. With permission from the mother, Purabi gave the child some Oral Rehydration Solution to make him feel better. She then got them seated at another table and gave them another complimentary pizza along with a coke. The guest was speechless. She had never experienced this kind of turning around of a situation, all thanks to Purabi.

3National Winner- Bronze Jitendra Kharvar, HyperCity, Mumbai

Jitendra is always eager help customers who need assistance with their shopping. One day, a businessman stopped by at Hypercity to buy a few products. Jitendra offered all the help he could. By the end of his shopping trip, the customer asked for Jitendra’s number in case he needed any future help. A few days later, the customer called Jitendra and asked for an urgent favour. He said that he was out of town and wanted a few things delivered at his residence as some people were coming home and his wife would require certain things. Jitendra informed him that he was on duty, but would make the delivery during his lunchtime. Jitendra had to get the billing done beforehand but he didn’t have any money. He borrowed some from his colleague and bought the necessary products. It was raining heavily outside, but that didn’t deter Jitendra. He got on to his cycle and made the delivery on time. Some days later, the customer asked for Jitendra’s help again and messaged him a list of products. Once again, he successfully met the customer’s expectations. The customer is so impressed with Jitendra’s service that he has only one thing to say – “you’re a hero!”

National Winner – Special Category

TRRAIN Retail Awards judges the finest, excellent, enduring customer service story of retail associates in the industry. The Award recognises and rewards customer service excellence in retail (both modern & traditional), at an all India level to create industry case studies and benchmarks for customer service excellence in retail in India.

4National Winner- Integrity Jaimin Gandhi & Vishal Gajjar, Titan EyePlus, Ahmedabad

The story began in 2009 when Mr. Patel came to the store to get his glasses serviced. He was in a hurry and told the staff that he would come back later and collect them. The spectacles were serviced and kept ready, but Mr. Patel didn’t return. Eyewear consultant Vishal Gajjar and cashier Jaimin Gandhi called Mr. Patel’s residence and were surprised to learn through the caretaker that he had left the country and would only return a few years later. They could have delivered the spectacles to his residence but there was a concern – the glasses had a 22-carat gold frame and it wouldn’t be safe to leave them in the hands of anyone else. For the next four years, Jaimin and Vishal called his residence every month to check if Mr. Patel had returned. In 2013, Mr. Patel returned to the country and was pleased to know that his spectacles were safe. He told Vishal & Jaimin that we would come over and collect them. But once again, Mr. Patel had to leave the country urgently. This didn’t deter Jaimin and Vishal who continued to keep in touch with Mr. Patel. Finally, in 2016, Mr. Patel was back, and the spectacles were delivered to him at his residence safely. In conversation, Jaimin and Vishal realized that Mr. Patel didn’t know about the gold plating in the frames. The customer was overwhelmed because of the way these two employees had safeguarded his valuable spectacles for all these years and was amazed at the display of their integrity.

5National Winner- Persons with Disability Arvind Kadhane, Pantaloons, Mumbai

Even with his visual and hearing impairment, Arvind is very passionate about his job. Once on a busy Sunday, a customer walked in with two young children. Arvind was more than happy to assist. Having being trained to understand requirements, he quickly assessed the needs of the customer and started helping her with all her requirements. Since the mother had two children to manage, Arvind went out of his way to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible. When the customer needed a frock in a smaller size, he tracked the required size in the warehouse and brought it in. Arvind was quick and polite through the service. The customer felt so special, she made it a point to leave some feedback saying that Arvind was a gem and one of the best employees of the store.

6National Winner- Being Human Samundeeswari. S, Domino’s Pizza, Ooty

One day, Sisira, a student in Ooty, walked into Domino’s Pizza. Sometime during her visit, she used the washroom. She suddenly didn’t feel too well and fainted on the bathroom floor. Samundeeswari, a Domino’s employee noticed this and rushed to help Sisira. She quickly administered first aid and then sought the advice of a doctor who was at the outlet during the same time. When the doctor told Samudeeswari that it was best to take her to the hospital, she got into an auto rickshaw and took her to the nearest hospital. When Sisira settled down a little, Samundeeswari called the Principal of the hostel and informed him about the situation. She, along with her colleague Mahalakshmi, waited till the Principal came. By this time, it was already late but Samudeeswari was just glad that Sisira was in safe hands. She even reassured Sisira’s father that everything was okay, while he made his way from Hyderabad to Ooty. Sisira recovered and her father paid the outlet a visit to thank the manager, the staff and the exceptional Samundeeswari, who had shown bravery, courage and kindness.