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Mayank Soni, Managing Director, MBj Group


A fearless jubilant leader in his own right, Mayank Soni, Managing Director – The House of MBj does not stop at anything and certainly does not believe in setbacks, aims for the zenith and settles for nothing but the best.

Born in Kolkata, raised in New Delhi, Soni hails from a traditional family set up instilled with strong values and beliefs. He has been in the jewellery business for 17 years now, a business which has been flourishing for seven generations. He has been instrumental in taking this brand to new levels of success paving a way for his other four brothers, fellow Directors of MBj Group.

Having completed his graduation in commerce, he went on doing graduation in gems and diamonds from GIA and Jewellery production course from Metallo Nobile, Italy.

An immensely well-travelled and well-read entrepreneur, Soni has carefully studied and analyzed different markets, market trends, consumer behavior and practices among other things and tried to gain an understanding of the Jewellery Industry at large. At MBj, he is deeply involved in the creative, branding and marketing areas.

To this day, art and craftsmanship are the guiding lights for the MBj brand, influencing its conception and aesthetics. Versatile yet contemporary, the brand forte lies in designing meticulously crafted, majestic heirloom jewellery that is heavily influenced by historical and cultural legacies. Having set a benchmark in luxury retail, the brand has evolved to being recognized as a leading jewellery brand with international acclaim.