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How retail store design impacts customer shopping experience


In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, success comes from more than just having your shelves fully stocked and having the right product at the right price. Customers today demand a truly enjoyable shopping experience from beginning to end. Store design is one of the key elements that contribute to your customers having a memorable journey with you. Retail store design can help draw customers into your stores and create an engaging environment that keeps them coming back.

How retail store design impacts customers’ shopping experience
Store design is one of the key elements that contribute to your customers having a memorable journey with you

When you’re designing the interior of your retail store, ask yourself, “What will make my customer feel comfortable?” “How can I make it easy for them to shop and ensure they want to come back?”

When it comes to creating a head-turning retail space, it’s very important to convey your brand’s story in a unique way. Whether it’s eye-catching window displays, fancy décor or digital signage, you also need an effective store design that attracts, engages and inspires your customers from the minute they walk into your store to the moment they leave.

The checkout, regardless of the type of retail format, is an important part of that store design. Think of the checkout as your final chance to make a lasting impression of the in-store experience. Unfortunately, the checkout area often gets less attention even though it’s such a critical part of the shopping journey. Most retailers can appreciate that point-of-sale (POS) technology needs to be efficient, reliable and able to endure the demands of the retail environment, but shouldn’t it also complement your store design and enhance your brand image? After all, you have invested a lot in your store design and your POS hardware needs to make a positive statement and enhance your brand as well.

INFINITAS brings NCR products which can help you make that statement with its RealPOS™ X-Series family, including the new NCR RealPOS™ XR7. The XR7 is a stylish energy efficient terminal packaged in an all-in-one design that delivers the performance you need while blending seamlessly into any retail environment. The XR7’s sleek design offers you flexible installation options to meet the needs of your different store formats. Whether it’s on a countertop stand, a floor standing pedestal, or hanging on a wall – it fits wherever you need it and saves space for customer service tasks.

NCR RealPOS™ XR7 was designed to offer the sophisticated elegance of the latest consumer technology, but with the reliability of industrial grade, purpose built POS technology – giving you the best of both worlds. With its rugged die-cast aluminum framework, long life LED display, projected capacitive touchscreen and solid state drive, the XR7 will provide years of reliable operation.

Store design and POS technology are both important aspects that can have a direct impact on the customers’ shopping experience and ultimately, sales. They are significant investments and a reflection of your brand, but don’t short change your stores or your customers by overlooking the checkout area and the value it can provide.

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