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Virat Kohli launches his brand One8, in collaboration with PUMA


India’s leading athlete Virat Kohli has unveiled his own brand One8 – a collection of athleisure wear reflective of Virat’s personal belief. The launch of his brand is backed by the movement Come Out and Play, which aims to bring about a groundswell invoking Indians to adopt an active lifestyle, where playing is an integral part. Where playing is not adopted only to win or compete but for the sheer joy and benefits of it. One8 has been created in collaboration with PUMA, which is providing design, product, retail and communication channels for the brand.

Virat Kohli launches his brand One8, in collaboration with PUMA
Virat’s exclusive One8 collection is available at PUMA stores across the country and on in.puma.com

Virat Kohli’s mission to motivate Indians to achieve better physical health by urging them to incorporate play into their daily lives is one he has passionately believed in. As a culture, we look at playing and sports as a distraction. The act of physical play in our country is almost completely dropped once schools, colleges and jobs take priority. But playing actually frees our minds, teaches us to deal with pressures while having fun, aids tactical decision making, teaches us teamwork, and keeps us healthy. All things that are essential to success. One8’s message – Come Out And Play – is a multifaceted movement targeted at every Indian across the country. The movement aims to highlight the simple joys of playing and how it can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life – whether at work or at home.

To encourage everyone to find ways to lead an active lifestyle, One8 has been developed as an athletic leisure range, in collaboration with PUMA, the fastest global sportswear brand in the world. Virat Kohli and PUMA launched the One8 brand at Select City Walk, Delhi. The name of the collection, One8, is derived from Virat’s jersey number, 18 – a number that is special to him and which he holds in high regard. The One8 logo is unique, quirky and stylish – reflective of Virat’s persona. Each piece of the One8 collection demonstrates his bold and dynamic personality while staying true to his passion of pursuing an active lifestyle. By incorporating subtle branding, look and feel, PUMA has emphasized the simplicity of Virat’s personal style, while bold graphics are infused to connect with Virat’s on-field persona. Across the collection, PUMA has used premium fabrics crafted with a contemporary style. While the One8 line currently comprises athleisure apparel, performance apparel, footwear and accessories will be introduced in the upcoming season.

PUMA global ambassador and athlete Virat Kohli said, “Sport holds a very important place in my life. It has helped me become who I am today. The fact that we generally view sports as a hindrance to success or as a distraction as we grow older, needs to change. I urge everyone to make time to pursue a more physically active lifestyle by making time to play. It’s fun, relieves stress and helps us stay healthy.”

He further added, “The One8 range is very close to my heart. It is my way of calling out to Indians to Come Out and Play, because feeling fit and looking active is a simple step 1 towards leading a more active lifestyle. The collection is very versatile and is a mix of fashion and functionality. I have been deeply invested in the design and ideation behind the products, with PUMA designers even browsing through my wardrobe for inspiration! Partnering with PUMA to create One8 is also great because the brand is such a fit with my personality and will ensure that ‘brand One8’ is constantly evolving.”

Managing Director, PUMA India, Abhishek Ganguly said, “Virat Kohli is an inspiration and role model for the youth today. He has carved a niche for himself by pursuing his dreams and is the perfect example of how sport can make one a well-rounded individual. We believe collaborating with Virat is the right direction for both the brand and a movement as important as Come Out and Play.”

He further added, “The One8 collection is the perfect blend of style and sport– for every person looking to easily transition from work to play. It reflects Virat’s effortless style, while staying true to his philosophy of an active lifestyle. We are excited to collaborate with him to launch his new brand, and drive this movement with him. Through this collaboration, PUMA will continue to create opportunities to inspire Indians to adopt fitness and sports in everyday life.”

Virat’s exclusive One8 collection is available at PUMA stores across the country and on in.puma.com. One8 will also be available on Myntra later in November 2017.