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How malls are taking carbon footprint reduction seriously


The world is going green. Companies, industries and even individuals are pursuing knowledge that can lead to environmentally friendly lifestyles. The green movement is no longer a fad, but a reality. Faced with the alarming prospect that the Earth will begin to run out of natural resources that are imperative for mankind to survive, people are switching to eco-friendly practices. Firms are taking ecologically responsible decisions, which can help protect the environment, and sustain natural resources for current and

future generations. For many malls, the focus has shifted to green building. We give you an insight into what exactly is green building, why mall developers need to go green, and what will the goals of these sustainable malls be.

From energy-efficient fittings to architecture that reduces the need for high air-conditioning, many malls are leading the way in environment friendly designs.


> Renewable Energy – Using wind energy for mall operations to an extent of 90 per cent of total power consumption.
> No Plastic – All retailers in mall use recyclable bags and paper bags with 100 per cent adherence
> Horticulture – 20 per cent of mall area is covered with greenery, and more plantation is being done
> 100 per cent Recycling of Waste Water – Through the STP plant, 100KL waste water recycling takes place on an average of per day.
> Rain Water Harvesting – Creating trenches to divert rain water to bore well recharging and improve the ground water source.
> Waste Management – OWC plant installed in the mall compound to generate 400 kg of organic composite every day. All wet waste is recycled 100 per cent.
> Usage of LED Lighting – Across all floors including retailers are encouraged to reduce carbon monoxide emission and consume less energy.
> HVAC Gas – The mall has changed from R22 to R134 to save the Ozone layer.
> Water Conservation – Installed water saving adaptors (sprinklers) in all tapes to reduce wastage of water.
> Solar Power System – To manage the emergency lighting in common areas, 50 per cent of the area has been covered.
> Kiosk Space – Retailers promoting green initiatives like ‘Take my Plant’ (Sales in-house plants) and E-Coconut (coconut sourced through farmer directly and the waste is 100 per cent recycled).
• Used Oil and E-Waste – which is generated due to plant and machinery and F&B outlets is recycled through an authorized vendor who ensures it is not disposed hazardously but recycled


> Installed 275 Kwa rooftop solar saving 4 lakh units and reduce 3000 tonnes of CO2 annually
> Installed 100 kg capacity of bio-organic waste composting machine. 80 per cent of the wet waste generated by the mall is turned to compost and donated to nurseries.
> For the financial year 2016-17 other than the 4 lakhs generated onsite through solar nearly 85 per cent of the remaining consumption came through wind power.
> Has developed green belt in mall facade area.
> Has installed CFLs / LED lights for energy conservation.
> Has installed 14,000 KW wind power plants and has generated 2.2 crore units of power for the last three years and has reduced CO2 approximately 5000 tonnes annually.
> Has provided 20 nos. Rain Water Harvesting pits at the mall peripheral area to save rain water.
> Has installed 200 KLD STP for treating sewage water and is pumping it into the cooling tower (AC purpose) after treatment.
> As a part of mall marketing and CSR initiatives, has initiated and founded Kovai Green League with Bosch, WWF-India and Rotary Club of Coimbatore to increase the green cover of the city by partnering with schools and colleges. Through the forum the following has been achieved:
• Conducted sessions for over 3000+ students on Carbon Footprint, Wealth out of Waste and formed Green Champion clubs in all schools so that they can take the green initiative forward.
• Conducted Greenest Campus Award for schools to encourage and recognize green campuses.


The mall has been undertaking severalenvironment friendly steps right from the construction stage:
> The building has been fitted with opaque walls, which will radiate lesser amount of heat, thus helping to save energy w.r.t the HVAC systems.
> Has a well-equipped Sewage Treatment Plant which helps us to recycle the water for daily mall operations
> A rain water harvesting system with near to 10 lakh litters capacity is another measure undertaken by the mall towards a greener tomorrow. As a policy, the mall ensures effective garbage separation is done at all collection points and has invested in a wet waste decompose machine to convert waste to manure.
> All chemicals used for cleaning are eco-friendly and all the wash room basin faucets have reducers fi xed to control water wastage. Apart from this, aimed at mobilizing the entire city by creating awareness about preserving the planet and conserving its resources,
> Nature First – Lulu Group’s CSR initiative of the year 2016 has been gaining the support of the public at large. The yearlong campaign touched upon activities relating to the sustainability of the environment. To draw attention to this vital cause, a 15-day celebration was held in the mall in the month of June where topics ranging from protection of wildlife & rare plants, food wastage, use of alternate technology for energy conservation and more was addressed. Over 10,000 saplings were given out to customers.
> The mall is currently a Government of Kerala certifi ed e-waste collection centre. Over the entire year the mall has tried to incorporate an ‘environment friendly’ message in all events. For Onam, a gigantic ‘Maveli’ (the king in who’s remembrance the festival is celebrated) was fabricated by the mall and artists from the Kochi Biennale Foundation (KBF) using nature friendlymaterials. The supersized Maveli – made out of iron, special papers, jute, cloth, coir, rope and reclaimed wood drew the attention of our customers towards the importance of recycling and ensuring sustainability of the environment in every which way possible.


> Viviana Mall is the fi rst mall in India to install a 900KVA solar power plant at a single site on its rooftop. Generating 91000 watt in a month through solar energy, the mall aims to generate around 33 lakh unit of electricity in the next three years using solar energy. The mall has installed solar powered street lights around the mall.
> Viviana has its own ‘Organic Waste Management’ plant for treating organic waste into manure. All the food waste generated is converted to organic manure on a daily basis. Every month, around 5,500 kg of manure is generated which gets distributed to customers free of cost and also used for developing greenery around the mall.
> Other eco-friendly initiatives: The mall has made special provisions for waste management with segregation between dry and wet waste. This will be further divided into plastic, paper, metal, glass, e-waste and wasted food items.
> The mall promotes about sustainability to the various stakeholders from the outset through engagement initiatives with tenants and by providing an eco-learning experience for shoppers. Viviana mall is consistently taking steps in launching eco-friendly initiatives and encouraging retail partners to adapt green practice in routine wherever applicable.
> Construction materials used in the mall are regional and with high recycled contents. The paints and adhesives used have low VOCs and the external paints have low emissivity properties to refl ect back more than 90 per cent of the incident heat. The material designs and sizes are planned such to minimize material wastage.
> The greenery around the mall is planned in such a way that it helps to reduce the heat surrounding the mall and the load on HVAC system. A separate AHU with fresh air system has been installed at the food court to keep the odour confi ned to the area.
> For a vigorous indoor environment, a 30 per cent increased ventilation and MERV 13 filters have also been installed. The roofing systems adopted for all atria and food court of mall comprise of excellent acoustical and heat insulation values supported by stunning truss designs.


> 100 per cent of Mall décor lighting is LED which reduces lighting cost by 90 per cent.
> 85 per cent of the electricity used inOrion mall comes from renewable Wind Energy.
> Equipped with Flow restrictor’s inall wash basin taps to reduce water consumption upto 75 per cent.
> 60 per cent of AC load is being fed from economic friendly air cooled chillers, equipped with free cooling facilities.
> Zero Water Discharge: Equipped with “state of the art” sewage treatment plant, of 450 KLD to ensure recycling of 100 percent of waste water. The technology used is one of the latest technology in waste water treatment, ‘Membrane Bio-Reactor’.
> Equipped with Scrubber in kitchen exhaust system to avoid air pollution.
> LED light fi xtures installed in office and common area for power saving.
> Entire Atrium ceiling fi tted with glass to utilize sunlight in daytime and conserve electricity
> Equipped with Organic Waste Converter to generate Organic Manure out of Wet waste generated and thereby converting 100 per cent wet waste to manure.