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The Era of Digitization: We are living in a digital era. In this age of digitization, every company needs to evolve to make its presence felt in the digital space. Becoming a digital company is the need of present times where every budget is a digital budget and every business leader is a digital leader. Technology is no longer a supporting beam of a company, it is your company. Companies like Uber, Ola, Facebook, Alibaba, and Amazon are disruptors because of their technology and retailers need to be at the forefront of digital disruption if they hope to compete.
Amazon – The Digital Disruptor in Retail: Amazon is the leader in digital disruption in the retail industry. They use smart tools such as ‘Recommendation’, ‘Bought Together’, ‘Suggested for you’ and ‘Because what you bought before’, to help you choose the best product. On top of all this, their advanced warehouse and supply chain management can deliver ordered products in as little as one day. Amazon, and other companies like them, are changing customers expectations drastically and Indian retailers are attempting to compete by adopting omnichannel strategies and technologies.
“Looking at this need of  Indian retailers, HotWax Systems is launching its flagship product: HotWax Commerce in India at IRF 2017.” – Anil Patel COO of HotWax Systems
How HotWax Commerce Can Help: HotWax Commerce is an enterprise grade Omnichannel order management system with B2B, B2C eCommerce, and warehouse management. It enables retailers to manage procurement to payment workflows, making it a complete digital supply chain management suite. Instead of having multiple systems for your eCommerce, POS, ERP, SCM, OMS, WMS, CRM and accounting needs, HotWax Commerce brings all of them in one single stack. Doing this eliminates integration hassles, and omits needless complexities; all the while saving your time and cost.
Cabi – largest direct-sales clothing company in the United States
HotWax Systems has worked with various lifestyle, fashion and outdoor brands in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New-Zealand. One of those brands is Cabi, the largest direct-sales clothing company in the United States. When Cabi started working with HotWax Systems, they were growing rapidly and were on the verge of reaching new levels of growth but their journey to the top was slowed down by their legacy ERP systems. They were targeting 20,000 orders every hour and their legacy system just couldn’t handle it. The company needed a commerce system that could keep up with their skyrocketing sales.
HotWax Systems worked with Cabi to implement an omni-channel order management and warehouse management system which captures orders from all channels. All the channels finally get a centralized view of inventory, reducing the chance of backorders. With this new system, Cabi is now capturing and processing more than 20,000 orders per hour.
Over the course of Cabi’s association with HotWax Systems, close to half a decade now, the above list of offered solutions is just a small set of its core modules and there are tons of other features like seasonal roll over management, referral programs, pro purchase programs, campaign management and more  that are already deployed and more are under implementation development. Cabi launched this system in the US and since then expanded to Canada and UK and other countries. Using the system implemented in partnership with HotWax Systems, Cabi has seen 400 per cent growth in their business in the last five years.
Kris Shenk, CIO for Cabi said, We selected HotWax Systems because the team brought extensive experience in the omnichannel platform on top of Apache OFBiz. My team and HotWax build technology to support the business and specifically to position it to support the critical customer relationships that are the true foundation of Cabi.”
How Can Brands and Retailers Be Digital Disrupters?
Divesh Dutta, Business Head of HotWax Systems India says, We have worked with Cabi and many other lifestyles and outdoor brands like Scarpa, Skootz, RugsUSA, Zuca, giving us a deep understanding of the inner workings of this industry. We want to take this knowledge and help the brands of India to grow and establish themselves globally. Traditionally organizations have implemented various software solutions for eCommerce, CRM, ERP and supply chain management, increasing integration hassles and cost. To create a seamless experience, all of your modules need to  share a single platform. This platform becomes your single source of truth and with HotWax Commerce businesses can do this with relatively a small investment, especially when compared to the pricey systems of SAP, Oracle or IBM.”
Anil Patel, COO of HotWax Systems says, Retailers in India have very limited options in enterprise grade Omnichannel and ERP systems. The list begins and ends with archaic systems from SAP, Oracle or IBM. All of these systems have outdated price models, starting with astronomical fees and only going up as you add users or cores. Just like Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha, access to technology  is the right of every business in an age where everything is digital. We believe that your system should  give you the freedom to build your company and the brand the way you want to build it. If  you want to own your brand and disrupt the market, HotWax Commerce is the right platform for you.”
Digital transformation is an inevitability for India. HotWax Systems is offering a system that is constructed on an infinitely scalable architecture, putting all the core features, and more, of a modern ERP system into a single stack and offering it on a perpetual license. So you pay once, but grow forever.

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