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Group KFPL conference showcases product innovations and awards the legends in textile business


Group KFPL began its modest journey in 1979 as a small company – Kohinoor Textile, with one single brand of 36 inch shirting i.e. Yashfab. Over the years with sheer determination and vision the company has registered phenomenal growth. The group has brands under the name of Yashfab, D&J, Nemesis, S&Y, Keith James, Vercelli, Cotton Universe, Linen Fusion, Ambarish which offer a complete variety of shirting and suiting to its discerning customers spread across India. The company follows an innovative approach by offering something new each year, be it a new brand or a unique collection.

Group KFPL conference showcases product innovations and awards the legends in textile business
The group has a network of more than 4,000 retailers pan India to whom company sells goods directly through a team of dedicated sales agents

Haresh Mehta is the Chairman and MD of this group. He is renowned within the textile industry. He is also considered as a guru in the field of Textile Marketing and has been an advisor to some of the top textile companies in India as well.

The group has a network of more than 4,000 retailers pan India to whom company sells goods directly through a team of dedicated sales agents.

Talking about the company’s successful journey Chairman & MD, KFPL Group, Haresh Mehta says, “We have had a positive growth levels since origin. With an organic growth of 20 per cent per annum the company has been steady growing in achieving new frontiers. Our image is known in the market for giving quality and innovation. In total, the retail turnover of the company is around Rs 300 crore and we have a target to achieve a growth of 25 per cent wherein I want to touch a target of Rs 375 crore by FY17-18.”

Adding further on the retail positioning Mehta quotes, “In South and West the company address direct to retail. And in places like Punjab, Bihar, UP etc we appoint wholesalers who supply at the retail end. In total we address approx 4,000 retailers across the country. In this matrix around 1,000 retailer order fabric in every 2 months. And around 500 retailers order every month. 250 retailers order every week and other order according to seasons around 2 to 3 times in a year.”

The company also has one exclusive outlet in Parel, Mumbai and plans to open more in 2018 once it’s totally ready with its feedback and research. Initially, the company will invest by opening its shops by its own investment and moving ahead would consider franchising route also.

KFPL is also exporting to countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, Africa which have Indian origin and have tailoring shops.

KFPL- Annual Conference- Cochin

Each year, KFPL organizes an annual conference wherein they address there top 250-300 retailers to some destination in India or abroad. This year their annual conference was held at Le Meridien Cochin from July 30 to August 2.

The recently held conference was marked the biggest event in the entire history of the group. The event hosted a gala evening which marked an enviable gathering of their distinguished guests who had come from more than 300 cities of India.

During the course of the evening, the group launched 7 new catalogues for all its prestigious brands. These new collections showcased in the catalogues showcase the group’s strength in the textile industry in terms of quality, variety, fashion and presentation.

Among the list also marked the launch of a suiting collection under the group KFPL’s brand D&J which is top of the world and top of its class. It is the first time that such a fabric has been made. It is crafted from the finest Supima Cotton with Tencil and Lycra which imparts a feel and finish like no other. This innovative fabric is Freefit Collection by D&J. Created under special collaboration with Luthai Textiles, China.

Talking about the collaboration with Luthai Textiles, “The company was already there in shirting and was supplying to India and we asked them to develop cotton suiting which is going to be the future. Since we encouraged them to create something innovative for the Indian market, the monopoly to retail this fabric is especially with us.”

Group KFPL also held their prestigious legend awards to acclaim the true winner in the textile retail across India.

The first category of these awards were given to the different states wherein the following were the winners for the prestigious legend awards:

1) Legend Award for the State of Tamil Nadu went to Pothi’s Group.
2) The State of Karnataka went to SVT Group.
3) The State of Andhra Pradesh went to Chandana Brothers Group. 4) The State of Telangana went to RS Brothers & South India Shopping Mall Group.
5) The State of Kerala went to Poolimootil Group.
6) The State of Maharashtra was a tie and went to Jaihind Group, Pune and Kohinoor Group Ahmednagar.
7) The State of Gujarat went to Bhagwandas & Company Group , Surat.
8) The State of Goa went to JK Kavlekar Group, Panjim.
9) The State of Uttarakhand went to Atam Prakash & Sons Group From Roorkee.
10) The State of Punjab went to Titu Creations Group from Kotkapura.
11) The State of Uttar Pradesh went to Garah Bhandar Group.
12) The State of Madhya Pradesh went to Pakiza Group, Indore.
13) The State of West Bengal went to JS Mohamadally Group, Kolkata.
14) The State of Assam went to RD Textiles Group.
15) The State of Rajasthan went to Sunil Textiles Group.
16) For Delhi went to Sri Ram & Sons Group.


This is being given to one Group chosen from across India, with the fastest expansion and growth speed. This went to the Jade Blue Group, Ahmedabad


This was given to very distinguished Groups who were small in size once but are now on the fast road to expansion and progressing at a rapid pace.

Group KFPL Upcoming Group Award was presented to the following:

1- Senthil Kumar Textiles Group, Karnataka
2- Kataria Vanesons Group, Karnataka
3- Maharashtra Emporium, Nagpur
4- Shankar Cloth Store, Jodhpur
5- Sultans, Nizamabad
6- Kanawar Group, Nanded
7- Anand Bazaar Group
8- MVM Pachiyappa
9- Beauty Silk Group
10- Selection, Panjim
11- RK Gitanjali Silk, Udipi
12 – Gulshan, Bengaluru


These Awards are being presented to 2 distinguished individuals who are the heart and soul of KFPL Group since 25 years. This was the year of their Silver Jubilee and they are instrumental success in their respective states. These are prominent agents of Group KFPL who are Ashok Bajaj, Andhra Pradesh and N Vijayakumar, Tamil Nadu.