Flipkart launches new program to help employees fulfill personal aspirations

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Flipkart has launched a brand new exclusive program to offer financial assistance to employees to explore opportunities beyond work, including national level competitions and programmes.
One of India’s largest online marketplace announced the launch of its ‘Budding Star Program’ aiming to help Flipkart employees achieve their dreams. The initiative will allow Flipsters (Flipkart employees), to unleash their talent beyond work and participate in opportunities that will help them achieve success in their personal aspirations.
As a part of this program, Flipkart will provide financial assistance to employees who wish to participate in any national or international competition pertaining to any field of interest.
Employees who have completed six months with the company will be eligible for this program, and shortlisted candidates can receive up to Rs 3 lakh in assistance. Post submission of the request, an internal Flipkart panel will evaluate the application and employees will be granted financial assistance within 5 working days.
The company has been committed to nurturing its employees’ budding talent and encouraging work-life integration while creating space for the employees to pursue their passions beyond work.
“Flipkart wants to be a partner in helping employees nourish and achieve their personal aspirations . We always strive to create a flexible and inclusive workforce that reflects our cultures and values. We are confident that this initiative will help the Flipsters cross off the most important dreams of their bucket list and in turn make us proud,” said Director, Total Rewards, Flipkart, Satheesh KV.
The company is known for lending support to employees through various conducive programs including insurance benefits, work-life balance benefit supports, parental support, wellness programs, and retirement benefits addressing all facets of employee life-cycle.

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