Home Fashion Numero Uno targets Rs 340 crore revenue; to explore Middle-East market

Numero Uno targets Rs 340 crore revenue; to explore Middle-East market


Numero Uno, one of India’s first indigenous manufactured denim labels, was incorporated in 1987 by Hi Fashion Clothing Co., the Flagship brand of Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.

Numero Uno targets Rs 340 crore revenue; to explore Middle-East market
Currently, Numero Uno has 215 EBO’s, 600+ MBO and 60 Large format retail stores

Over the years, Numero Uno Jeanswear has transformed into a dynamic and perceptive label for the youth. Today, it has the privilege of being one of the few power brands that fuses international trends, innovative fabrics, washes, treatments and accessible pricing.

Apart from its existing domestic operations, the brand is seriously looking at licensing arrangements in international markets. Sharing more details on the same, CMD, Numero Uno Clothing Limited, Narinder Singh Dhingra talks about the journey of his brand and a lot more.

Tell us about your brand’s journey so far.

Numero Uno completed 30 years in 2017. It has been an amazing journey of creating category-leading fashion for the upwardly mobile customer. There have been ups and downs like in any other business, but we have moved forward and grown with every challenge.

Throw some light on your business model?

Our business model has been a healthy mix of franchisees and company-owned stores. We also have 600+ MBO’s listed with us along with large format store and online market places. This gives us a diverse and robust business environment and capability to scale up.

Many well-established foreign players have entered India of late and have taken the consumer base by storm. What is your approach to the competition?

Competition is always good and we encourage it. New brands have given the customer a huge choice and have also educated them for what to expect. Numero Uno has been offering the same to the customer for a very long time, our design, national and international sourcing and owned production helps us offer the international quality to the consumers in today’s competitive world.

What is your pricing strategy?

Our prices are kept very competitive; we make sure that we offer the best in the industry.

How many SKUs/ product categories do you offer under your brand? Which are the typically faster moving categories and why, in your opinion?

The product categories are jeans, shirts, t-shirts, knits, woollens, jackets, trousers, shorts, and dresses for women as well.

Our fastest moving categories are jeans, jackets and shirts.
These are faster moving categories because jeans are our core product and the customer knows that they get best options. Shirts as a category has been worked very hard on and has developed into faster moving category due to quality offering. Jackets are priced best in the competition which gives it an edge.

Any plans to enter into new segment?

We already have footwear, accessories, deodorants and body splashes to complete the wardrobe requirement for a consumer.

Define your target customers?

Our TG is an upwardly mobile, fashion conscious, youth who knows he is special and knows what he/she is looking for. They do not need any inspirational figure to be guided or motivated. They are motivated by themselves.

What is your USP as compared to others in this space?

We offer the largest range of styles and fashion options among competition.

How many point of sales do you have currently and how many more can we expect by this fiscal end? Any plans to explore new cities or to test international waters? 

We currently have 215 EBO’s, 600+ MBO, 60 Large format retail stores. There will be about 20 more EBO’s added and 100+ MBO’s.

Southern and central India is the next expansion target for the brand and we see this market being tapped fully in next 3 years. We are also exploring Middle East as the offshore market to enter.

Tell us a bit about Numero Uno’s initiatives on the Omnichannel front?

We have our own online portal where we have integrated the brick-and-mortar stores with online and service pan India through the portal.

Please share your revenue target for the current fiscal.

This year we expect net revenue of Rs 340 crore (MRP value).

Where do you see the brand five years from now?

You will see a more spread out brand with presence in deep corners of south and northeast India. Our plan is to ensure that we are within reach of every young Indian across the country.