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Rajneesh Sharma, CIO, DLF Brands Ltd.


Rajneesh Sharma is passionate about speed and technology, and hence an obvious choice to be an IT professional. He is a passionate learner and user of technology in every sphere.

Rajneesh Sharma, CIO, DLF Brands Ltd.

With 18 years of experience, Sharma has been associated with companies like ITC, and DLF brands. He loves to work on developing concepts of experience and firmly believes in keeping thoughts simple and straight. For him, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

According to Sharma, the three biggest, most important changes happening in the world of technology today are machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and conversational tech (eg: SIRI and Cortana).

He says Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and VR & AR are three game changing technologies in the space of customer experience.

Sharma holds a Masters degree in the field of Computer Science.