Development of food testing laboratory mechanism will boost the food processing sector in India

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Quality and Food Safety have become competitive edge in the global market for the enterprises producing and marketing foods products. For a successful food processing sector in the country, various aspect of Total Quality Management (TQM) such as quality control, quality system and quality assurance should function in a horizontal fashion for total success. The quality infrastructure is must to produce the world class processed food products in India. The Indian food products face the tough competition from global companies which produces high quality standard food products. To overcome this situation and to produce global quality food products in India then a Quality and Food Safety system has to be implemented to meet the global quality standard.
For quality check and testing, Food Testing Laboratory plays very important role. Western countries have put a strong food testing laboratory system to check and maintain the high quality food products. India too is following the same system to produce the world class quality products. Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) has been working rigorously to upgrade Food Testing Laboratory infrastructure in India. The main objective of this upgradation is to provide a safe nutritious diet in order to maintain health other aspects in today’s world. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is upgrading the food testing laboratories which would benefit all stakeholders including domestic industry (Domestic and exports), entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises.
Laboratory testing is an important process, which relies on scientific analysis to identify problems with food products. It provides analytical data on the quality of a product or production process. The objective of quality control is to identify impurities in the food material, or contamination after a product is produced and before it is placed on the market. Additionally, laboratory testing is important for the research and development of new products, including, for example, the choice of ingredients or components, the design of food processing, shelf-life studies and sensory evaluation of products.
The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is keen to build the food processing sector in India. It is focusing high on building infrastructure, maintain standard quality and providing all the assistance to propel the growth of the industry. To bring the world class technology and provide international platform, The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is organizing World Food India from November 3-5, 2017 in New Delhi. World Food India intends to establish global linkages and facilitate foreign investment in India’s food retail market that services the needs and rising aspirations of the country’s 1.3 billion consumers.
World Food India aims to provide opportunities for both investment and trade in the food processing sector for leading Indian and international companies. Encompassing the entire food spectrum from production to consumption, World Food India is looking at creating a better sourcing environment, thereby enabling higher returns for farmers, creating employment, and fostering entrepreneurship.

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