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Tips to Organise Your Study Table


Preparation for any competitive examination calls for a lot of dedication, ample supply of study materials and a positive mind. A messy and unorganised study table can obstruct your study pattern and schedule. Keeping the study table clean and organised the key to getting the job done in time. Because when preparing for the NEET test, you can’t afford to lose time finding the right books and study material fro a messy study table. So, if you always find your study table messy and hard to find things, here are some amazing tips that will help you keep it all organised. So, let the cleaning begin!

Start from the Scratch

The best way to initiate the cleaning process is by removing everything that is a part of the clutter and then beginning with the organisation process. Take out all the stuff kept in the drawers and the table top to give the table a thorough cleaning. Use a dry cloth to dust off the impurities and a wet cloth to get rid of the stains. A dust-free study table would keep you away from encountering harmful bacteria that can cause harm to your health and create hindrance in the study schedule. Even if you are preparing for the NEET test from online platforms like Aakash iTutor, make sure you keep the study table prim and proper.

Put Items in an Easy-to-Use Drawers

Store away all the items that are not a part of your daily study schedule in drawers. Define a proper space for all the items so that it becomes easy for you to find them whenever needed. Make sure you are dedicating one drawer for each item type. For example, store all the electronic items like a scientific calculator, tablet, SD Card and USB drive in one drawer for easy access.

Dedicate Drawers to Each Subject Books

If you happen to have a big study table with a good number of drawers, make good use of the space available. Instead to keeping all the books on the table top, dedicate one drawer each for all the subjects. Label the drawer from the top, so that it becomes easy for you to reach the particular drawer when looking for the right study material. Doing this, you can easily keep away visible clutter from the study table and skip the regular scolding sessions from your mom.

Have a Trash Can Within Reach

If you have a habit of scribbling or revising while writing, make sure you have a trash can within reach to toss away all the rejected paper balls in it. This will not only help keep the table clean but will also keep the floor of your room away from the litter. However, also make a habit of cleaning the trash can once every week to avoid overflowing of trash.

Use Holders to Store Stationery

Keep losing your pens, pencils, and markers? The chances are that you don’t have a pen holder on your study and all the stationary items roll down from the table and find their way under the bed. To avoid losing stuff, bring home a pen holder and securely keep all the items in it. You can even keep erasers, paper clips and more in the same holder. However, if you have paper pins, keep them in a separate box to avoid accidents.


An optimally organised study table can push you to study more and save time as well. So, make sure you keep your study table neat, clean and organised at all times to increase productivity.