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Have you ever been lost in mall or unable to find shop? It happens to all of us. It’s incredibly easy to lose your way in big venues like shopping malls and airports, which is why there’s no better place to use an NCR Wayfinding kiosk.
NCR Wayfinding is a dynamic self-service tool that helps customers easily locate products or navigate through large, complex buildings and campuses, eliminating confusion and improving the customer experience. Our wayfinding kiosk is ideal for airports, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, malls and other large facilities. Create, maintain and publish custom touchscreen interactive maps that are easy to use, enhancing your customers’ experience and reducing the demands on your staff.
NCR Wayfinding is truly a world-class solution designed to keep pace with the most demanding large-scale implementation scenarios.
Make life easier
When visitors to large facilities are unable to locate their destinations, they experience confusion and frustration. This experience discourages visitors from returning, detracts from time spent buying, makes visitors late for appointments, and increases the demands of your busy staff. NCR Wayfinding provides a flexible tool that can make life easier for both customers and employees in virtually any industry.
At a hospital – An NCR Wayfinding kiosk near the entrances can locate a patient’s room and print a map with directions. Visitors can easily find their loved ones, even in a time of distress.
At a large office complex – NCR Wayfinding helps visitors quickly get directions and make it to their appointments on time, improving operational efficiency and the customer experience.
At a mall NCR Wayfinding helps shoppers easily locate their favorite stores as well as discovers new retailers. Improving the initial shopping experience leads to return visits and builds customer loyalty.
At an airport NCR Wayfinding helps time-strapped travelers find their gate, as well as any needed services while waiting for flights. This saves time for the customer and reduces the work for airport employees.
NCR Wayfinding is a comprehensive solution that includes: Software, Hardware, Consulting, Services
Connect with us for further information about our digital wayfinding displays and it’s pricing at Infinitas technologies solutions [email protected] , [email protected]

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