Vajor to go Omnichannel; open brick-and-mortar stores in September

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Vajor, one of India’s leading online brand dealing in women’s wear, footwear, bags, jewellery, accessories and home decor, is going the Omnichannel way. The brand is branching out into the brick-and-mortar space and will be opening its first retail outlet in September, 2017.
In an exclusive interview with Indiaretailing’s Charu Lamba, Founder and CEO,, Nathasha AR Kumar said, “We are venturing into the retail segment in September, 2017. We will be starting with two stores, both of them in the Delhi NCR region, moving forward to more metro cities in the next six to nine months.”
She further added, “These stores will be completely ‘Gen-Next’ in comparison to traditional retail outlets. Bringing stunning fashion and lifestyle under one roof, the stores will get a revised collection every 30 days. This will maintain versatility of the merchandise and break the monotony for shoppers. Being a community building brand, our stores will be a host to regular events and activities that bring our consumers a whole new experience. Such a store will be more interactive and a major crowd puller.”
After opening retail outlets in Delhi, Vajor will be opening brick-and-mortar stores in Mumbai and Bengaluru. It is eyeing both high streets and malls to venture into offline retail. And apart from their own retail outlets, the brand will also be available in a lot of high-end stores in India.
Vajor is also looking forward to testing international waters. It will start delivering international orders from this week onward. The brand will also be planning to partner with a lot of marketplaces internationally as well as shop-in-shop models.
“We are getting into international marketplaces as we see a lot of transaction coming from international places like Dubai and US. So we feel that the brand has a market there and we would like to get into that and understand more about it,” revealed Kumar.
She further added, “We are bootstrapping since Day 1 and we will be bootstrapping till the end of this year. And once the offline retail comes into picture, the scale is going to be a lot higher and then we will definitely be looking forward to raise funds which will aid our retail expansion as well as help us expand our presence in internationally.”
Vajor, the brand that delivers pan India, is looking forward to reaching Tier II and Tier III cities through retail only. At the moment, the brand considers itself more or less like an aspirational brand for these cities.
“Metros contribute to around 85 per cent of our revenues. There are some catchment areas like Pune, Jaipur and Chandigarh from where the demand of our product increasing,” revealed Chief Digital Strategist,, Ena Bansal.
Apart from this, as its home decor segment has been picking up really well, Vajor is looking forward to expanding the category further. Currently, fashion contributes around 80 per cent of the total revenue whereas remaining 20 per cent is shared between accessories and home decor.
Vajor currently has 2,000 SKUs on the site and retails through its own website and a few other marketpalces. Elaborating on the same Kumar said, “We are already on LimeRoad and also working with Wooplr. We are working with only those marketplaces which understand that our projection is very important to us and at the same time help us get good sales. In future too, we would like to work with only those marketplaces which deliver us these two conditions.”
She concluded by revealing, “We are very close to breaking even. As retail is coming into the picture, we look forward to breaking even by next year end.”

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