West Pioneer Properties to open 20 Zingeria centres by this fiscal end

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FEC zones can substantially extend a mall’s draw, lengthen shopper stay and even increase revenue for other tenants. Most of the progressive malls have re-invented the wheel and embraced entertainment as an important driver to churn the fate of their centres. Keeping this thought in mind, West Pioneer Properties (India), which operates Metro Junction Mall-Kalyan, has recently launched an FEC – called ‘Zingeria’.
Currently Zingeria is operational in Metro Junction Mall- Kalyan but the company plans to take this FEC model to other malls too. Gaurang Agrawal, CEO, West Pioneer Properties (India) Pvt. Ltd, says that by the end of this financial year the company plans to open 20 small and big Zingeria centres.
What was the thought behind launching Zingeria?
West Pioneer’s pioneering spirit is quite evident in its vision of seeing possibilities for future growth and development, and turning them into on-ground success stories. The FEC industry is in a very nascent stage in India and its predominated by the arcade games setup. We had engaged in extensive research across the world in detailing of FEC and game zones and we have come up with a bouquet of offerings which is very site specific and will be unveiled depending on the site. We intend to redefine Family Entertainment Centers to Family Entertainment Destination.
What’s the theme at Zingeria?
Zingeria’s vibe is proactive and energetic customer service. It is a complete family destination catering to all age groups. Truly a place to unleash your inner child! ZING + AREA = ZINGERIA is coined from the word ‘Zing’ which means high energy and Area.
What were some of the biggest challenges in setting up Zingeria? How did you address them?
Lack of quality local suppliers of machines and the unavailability of technical support in India, which we overcame. The heavy taxation is also a big challenge.
How long was the project in the making?
Around 6 months from seeding of thought till opening of its first centre at Metro Junction Mall, Kalyan.
How much space is dedicated to Zingeria?
We have different models starting from 500 sq.ft. to 50,000 sq.ft. Zingeria’s first outlet is spread across 15,000 sq.ft. area at Metro Junction Mall, Kalyan (East).
What is the total investment in this project?
The investment ranges from Rs 1 crore to Rs 20 crore depending on size of the centre.
Will you take the model of Zingeria to other malls also?
Yes, we plan to open around 20 small and big centres in this financial year.
Is there a ticket charge for Zingeria, or is it open for all?
At Zingeria, we have an open for all – pay per game concept.
How long does it take to break even in such a project?
It takes around 3-5 years to break even, depending on the scale, location and concept of the project.
What are your marketing and advertising plans?
We have a very focused and aggressive approach toward building Zingeria’s PAN India presence. We plan to build our brand progressively through digital and organic marketing, gaining customers loyalty by providing them a friendly and energetic ‘play’ing experience at Zingeria.

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