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Revamp your retail store with LED Downlights


Light Emitting Diode or LED is an energy efficient light source that is changing the face of the lighting industry day by day. When compared to any other type of light, LED Downlights last longer and in general are more energy efficient. Also, they are free of mercury and toxic materials that can be tricky to the environment.

Revamp your retail store with LED Downlights
The time had long gone when lighting and interior designing were handled separately in the retail industry

Lately, LED downlights have gained immense popularity in the retail sector. The time had long gone when lighting and interior designing were handled separately in the retail industry. With competition growing each passing day and brands competing at every possible level including the online presence of the store to audiovisual elements, lighting, and a lot more, the look and feel of a retail store play a significant role in sales conversion. From aiming to give the customer a great experience at the store to targeting all their senses, brands are doing it all. The human brain receives 80 per cent of the sensory information through eyes, therefore, lighting directly impacts the mood. From enhancing the look of the product, highlighting architectural elements to creating a welcoming ambiance, lighting plays an integral role in driving the sales in the retail industry. Also, it also plays a vital role in making a purchase decision.
Today, retail lighting is taking a quick turn by moving towards LED downlights because of the many benefits and innovations attached to it.

Refurbishing with LED downlights

Importance of Color Rendering Index in a Retail Store and Branding

The calculable measure of the capacity of light to emulate actual color of an object precisely is known as Color Rendering Index (CRI). In simple words, CRI helps in predicting how good a light source is in reproducing color. Hence, it is important for the retails stores to choose the right lighting solutions with high CRI since the more accurately the color is replicated, the greater the chances of making a sale.

The CRI of light sources ranges between 0-100, sunlight is rated at 100. What makes LED lights suitable for retail stores is their CRI that ranges between 85-95. Building a customer base, increasing sales and enhancing brand image can be achieved in a retail store through proper lighting. Also, it gives the customers a memorable shopping experience. Any store with proper lighting and design attracts more customers than the one with a dim and dull look.

The Advantages of Color Temperature, Scene Control, and Store Image

Setting the right mood for the customers in a retail store is as important as having an inviting and an appealing collection. Any light source displays a color which plays a significant role in how people perceive the environment. The physical characteristic shown by every light source is known as Color Temperature which is measured in Kelvin. The light appears warmer in low temperature and exudes colors like orange and yellow. As the temperature rises, the color tones start looking cooler, and the light starts getting whiter and eventually turns blue. The warmer the color temperature the relaxed a person feels in that environment. Hence, retail stores have become cautious towards choosing the right temperature for retail lighting.

Automation and Integration with IoT

The phenomenon of connecting physical devices embedded with sensors, electronics, and software with a network that helps exchange and collect data is termed as Internet of Things (IoT). This remarkable phenomenon allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across a network. LED downlights by Wipro are a smart solution and they can be easily integrated with IoT for better exchange and collection of data. With IoT integrated lights in a retail store, the facility manager can easily control and examine and the lights remotely.


As compared to other light fixtures, LED downlights are free from hazardous elements like mercury and do no emit harmful UV rays that can cause damage to the skin of the customers shopping from the store. From cutting down on carbon footprint to preserving sensitive products and preventing skin problems, LED downlights and are safe, eco-friendly and a cost-effective product that lasts longer than any other light sources available in the market.

Lighting Techniques in Retail Store

Ambient Lighting

Revamp your retail store with LED Downlights

The primary objective of lighting in a retail store is ambient lighting. The primary job of these lights is to make sure that there is enough brightness all around the store to make it easy for the visitors to make their way around. They keep any space from appearing dull and gloomy.

Accent Lighting

Revamp your retail store with LED Downlights

Retail stores use accent lighting to highlight special displays and areas of the store. They are versatile enough to make the product pop out and create a sense of drama and importance. In a retail store, accent lighting is commonly used near the front door to highlight season specials and fresh arrivals. Also, accent lighting is also used to make any particular product to appear visually appealing. High luminous efficacy LED downlights like the Halo | CRDL11 are designed with a high-efficiency translucence diffuser for better diffusion of light.

Focus Lighting

Revamp your retail store with LED Downlights

Focused lighting is used to increase light in specific areas of the store where certain tasks are performed. The dressing rooms, store entrance, billing counter and the customer service desk are a few places where one can see focused lighting. The LD57 LED Tracklight from Wipro is an ideal option to achieve ample lighting in areas that need advanced focus.


In the world of retail, customer experience is paramount. The architectural design of the store and lighting go hand in hand. Lighting helps create an inviting space that attracts shoppers and injects a desire in them to come back. Hence, to create an alluring and an appealing space, retail shop owners should make perfect use of the lights and avoid making their space appear overly dim or extremely dazzling. The right amount of brightness would make the products look better, thereby making a huge rise in the sales as well.