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Parag Milk Foods enters fruit juice segment with mango drink, launches brand Slurp

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Parag Milk Foods Ltd, leading manufacturers, and marketers of dairy-based branded foods in India, has diversified into the fruit juice drink segment by launching ‘Slurp’ with an aim to expand its footprint in the beverage category.
Slurp – made from the choicest Alphonso mangoes with a dash of milk has been timed to refresh consumers this summer, helping them beat the heat.
The brand will be available across markets of Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur and Chennai in 200ml tetra pack at Rs 20.
As per Euromonitor, 100 per cent of the juice drink market is growing at a CAGR of 25 per cent in volume and 31 per cent in value over the last five years. The report also states that mango juice drink market comprises of 85 per cent of this juice drink market.
Commenting on the launch, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods Ltd., Devendra Shah, said, “We are very excited to introduce our new brand ‘Slurp’ in the fruit juice drink segment. This offering from Parag Milk Foods is based on the company’s mission of providing health and nutrition to the Indian consumers. Our research indicates that consumers have become health conscious and are looking for alternatives to aerated drinks and are largely moving towards fruit based drinks. Fruit juices are fast growing category and mango flavour contributes the largest share. The launch of this new brand is a strategic push for expanding our portfolio of value-added products. Within our value added products portfolio, we have identified beverage category as a key growth driver.”
Chief Marketing Officer, Mahesh Israni, Parag Milk Foods Ltd. added, “The Indian drink market is largely dominated by soft drink players without dairy industry involvement. With Slurp, we plan to enter the fruit juice drink market that is currently exponentially growing. Slurp has a thick texture with light yellow distinctive colour and the key differentiator is a dash of milk, which balances the sweetness of the mango pulp. This is our competitive edge over the large brands that rule the category today. Our market and consumer research has given us huge lead over the key players in the market in overall appeal, taste and thickness of the product.”
“We will support this launch with the clutter breaking marketing campaign of “Yeh ‘aam’, aam nahi” and leverage it with most optimum initiatives. We want to establish ourselves as a serious brand that delights consumers year round,” he added.
Slurp’s packaging design has been developed to showcase energy and freshness through overall display. The yellow and orange colour captures the category colour through distinct cues of the Alphonso mango.
Where the display of font is used to connote a fun/on-the-go feel, the background depicts freshness of the product through graphic splashes.
The mango with the logo is to convey a natural and authentic deliverance of the product brand. As a whole the product resonates a vibrant, playful, young and a genuine identity of itself.

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