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Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. launches automated High Speed Cross Belt Sortation technology


Future Supply Chain Solutions Limited, India’s first fully integrated IT enabled end-to-end supply chain solutions, inaugurated India’s most automated, High Speed Cross Belt Sortation Technology, at its Distribution Centre in Mihan, Nagpur.

The technology was inaugurated by the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari, and Group CEO at Future Group, Kishore Biyani.

This new technology, the first of its kind in India, is said to be a game changer. It will be a stepping stone towards making the company India’s most automated ‘first-of-it’s-kind, GST ready’ Distribution Centre.

The sorting technology will bring in a new era of consolidated and automated warehouses within the Indian warehousing sector. It will also enhance the Transportation & Logistics industry while accommodating the upcoming tax reforms to help India emerge as one of the global leaders in the logistic world.

This state-of-the-art sorting centre has been developed by BEUMER Group – headquartered in Germany – whilst adhering to the Make-in-India concept since most of the project supply and execution has been done by BEUMER Group, India.

The newly installed Sortation System comprising of CrossBelt Tray Sorter at the heart of system with:

  • 5 kms of conveyor system,
  • 42 mtr of HIGH SPEED Line Sorter ( 2.1 mtr per second speed)
  • CASE/CARTON BOX Sorter with 40,000 cases Per Day.
  • Special 12 mtr high Spiral Conveyor, which is tallest in the country.

Salient Features of Sorter:

The Cross Belt Sorter offers an ideal solution to reliably and carefully direct all types of articles to their correct destination, regardless of size, shape or surface structure at an incredible sorting productivity of over 360 Crore pieces per annum (capacity enhancement by 3X). It has a sorting capacity accuracy of over 99 per cent.

The BEUMER Group has developed individually coordinated system solutions, from individual machines to fully integrated material flow systems for Future Supply Chains. The Software Suite (on which this system RUNS) is based on highly modular software and isuser-friendly with customer-specific solution. It’s a classic system that provides real-time monitoring of sorting as well as picking processes and works flawlessly to provide end-to-end sortation and distribution solutions.

This distribution center will be a milestone in the Indian warehousing sector. With the brilliant technology used in the Sorting system at the DC along with the individually coordinated system solutions, we can ensure the highest level of service to the Consumers of the Nation,” said Kishore Biyani on the occasion of the launch last week.

Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd orchestrates the entire task of managing the supply chain so that its customers – from distributors to retail companies – can focus on their core activities instead of fretting over lead times, delivery uncertainties and countless other variables.

Largely invisible to end-consumers, the solutions provided by Future Supply Chains Solutions Ltd nonetheless have a significant bearing on what Indian shoppers can buy when, and in what condition products are when they arrive on the shelf.

Its services include storage, retail store replenishment, inventory planning and control, vendor management, quality assurance, bar coding and packaging solutions.