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Bata strengths India online presence by teaming up with Fynd


Often, finding the right pair of footwear that completes an outfit becomes a tricky affair. People are apprehensive of buying footwear from e-commerce portals as neither the material, size nor the brand is familiar. Completely obviating the scope for these kinds of apprehensions, , one of India’s most unique fashion e-commerce portals, has got on board , India’s oldest footwear brand.

Fynd Co-founder, Harsh Shah (left) says adding Bata to Fynd's portfolio will enhance his company's value proposition while President, South Asia, Bata Emerging Markets, Rajeev Gopalakrisnan (Right) says the association with Fynd is another step towards a strong online presence for Bata

Through this alliance, premium footwear brands such as and Power will also be available on Fynd, ensuring every customer sports comfortable yet stylish footwear patterns with ease.

With it’s evolving relationship with the discerning consumers of India, Bata has carved a distinct lead for itself in the Indian footwear market. The brand has for long been the favourite of Indian buyers and captured their imagination with its stylish and contemporary range of merchandise with their unique wow-pricing.

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Bata, with its Omnichannel focus, has made its presence felt across all the major e-commerce websites as a trusted, affordable and stylish shoe retailer. Through this association, Fynd also offers complete access to the inventory of Bata in New Delhi.

Commenting on the new partnership, Fynd Co-founder, , said, “Bata, the European footwear major, is India’s  largest and most trusted footwear and accessories brand. The alliance will certainly help users who swear by Bata’s brand value to buy their favourite shoes conveniently through our portal. Furthermore, some other world-renowned brands will also be available on Fynd further enhancing our value proposition. From contemporary, sophisticated and comfortable footwear to shoes that are running the high streets of footwear fashion, Fynd offers it all!”

President, South Asia, Bata Emerging Markets, Rajeev Gopalakrisnan, said, “Bata has always been the leading and trusted footwear& accessories brand in India. Our vision of making great shoes accessible to everyone, shapes our offerings for our consumers. Our Omnichannel presence makes it easy for consumers to buy footwear online, anytime, anywhere. We are now speaking the language of the youth and Bata’s association with Fynd is another step towards a strong online presence, always changing and innovating to cater to the evolving trends in our modern consumers’ life.”

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Soon, Fynd will also welcome on board other brands such as Mocassino, Ambassador, Scholl, Marie Clarie, Wein Brenner, Northstar, Naturaliser, Sun Shine and Sandak.

With Fynd able to showcase the latest in-store inventories online much before any other e-commerce player, it is able to optimise delivery time by sourcing products from the outlets nearest to the customer.

Fynd’s integrated system allows for speedy delivery within four to six hours, and a complete assurance of product quality. The O2O company does not hold its own inventory, which eliminates any fixed warehousing costs. Through Fynd, the partner brands can engage customers on multiple channels and offer them the best of both worlds- digital as well as physical.

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