KENT RO debuts in small kitchen appliance segment; launches noodle and pasta maker

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KENT RO Systems Ltd. has launched KENT Noodle & Pasta maker. It can make pasta or noodle with perfect texture in just 10 minutes, and is a fully automatic appliance.
“Noodle, pasta and momos are favourites among all age groups, and kids just love them. With news reports about presence of chemicals in the most reputed instant noodle brands making headlines, consuming them is a health compromise. That is where this easy to use, modern day smart kitchen appliance, KENT Noodle AND Pasta maker comes in. It allows you to make all your favourite snacks, hygienically at home, without use of any preservatives or any other chemicals. Moreover you can make noodle or pasta from all types of flour and customize the taste by adding juices or egg”, says Chairman Kent RO Systems Ltd., Mahesh Gupta.
The KENT noodle and pasta maker features automatic mixing, kneading and extruding functions in one go. So all the customers have to do is choose a program and relax. It is easy to dismantle and assemble. It is user-friendly shape makes it extremely easy to use and operate.
KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker comes with 7 different shaping fitments. These fitments can be used for making personalized noodles, pasta, momos and gujia of different sizes and shapes. There are 3 shaping attachments each for preparing noodles and pasta with which one can make 3 different shapes of noodles, 3 different shapes of pasta and a single shaping die for momo/gujia. These accessories help one to relish different types of pastas, noodles and momos of their choice.
Depending on personalized taste and preferences, the customers can enhance the taste by adding the ingredients such as eggs, herb spinach or carrot juice to make pasta, noodles, momos and gujias of their choice. They can also mix different flavours and colours to the flour/wheat in order to enrich the taste of the final product.
KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker comes with a smart drawer design, where the consumers can easily store all the accessories including the shaping dies and the cleaning tools. This ensures that the shaping dies or any other accessories are not misplaced. It is spacious enough to hold all the dies and cutters in an excellent manner thereby making it easy to locate and use.
It is a compact appliance which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It requires no maintenance and is specially designed in a way so that the cleaning is extremely simple. It has specially designed cleaning tool with bristles and pins that makes cleaning an easy and time-efficient process. The remaining (left-out) of flours and wheat inside the dies can be easily cleaned with the help of the cleaning tool.

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