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Brand Design Concept: How fbb revolutionized gifting solutions


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fbb (Fashion@Big Bazaar), a retail brand of Future Group has emerged as a successful venture in the fashion retail segment. A value retail offering in the fashion space offering exclusive merchandise under own private labels, fbb is present across all Big Bazaar stores as well as standalone outlets across metros, mini metros and tier II cities.

A popular fashion destination in India, the brand mainly targets a younger audience that wishes to stay synonymous with current trends.

As part of its identity as one of the most successful, value fashion retailers in India, fbb had decided to come up with a campaign to promote a new offering – gift vouchers.

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22 Scope of Work

The need of the hour was to design a creative communication campaign for POS (Point of Sale) to create a need for a convenient and innovative concept of gifting, which appealed to the youth at the same time.

For this, a new name for the voucher had to be coined which would build a strong association with the consumers while communicating the proposition at the same time. The scope of work was undertaken by WOW Design, an independent strategic brand design consultancy.

2. Scope of Work

33 Approach

For Indians, gifting has always been about emotions and we as a society have long believed in gifting traditional items like sweets or even money.

The target market – the youth – being naive to the concept of vouchers as a handy gift item, the challenge was to devise compelling communication, which would draw them in.

After analysing the purchase pattern, the perspectives and preferences of the youth with the gifting segment and understanding current trends it was incurred that ‘choice of the gift’ and the ‘likes of the person receiving the gift’ were the two most important aspects of gifting. Hence, it was essential to convince the target segment to adopt this new concept with a path breaking communication.

To appeal to the youth, a trendy communication was stylized capturing the youthful image of the brand, proposing the gift voucher as the best and most convenient solution.

3. Approach

44 Design Solution

The solution was based on the concept of ‘Freedom of Choice’. A fun and quirky campaign was crafted that expresses gratitude for the gift of freedom. The visual architecture depicted the emotions attached with freedom and joy of choice.

A youthful spirit linked to fashion was emphatically captured with catchy one liners in a cool lingo.

To hold the attention of youth the voucher was rechristened ‘Gift Wowcher’.

The unique campaign launched for FBB shouted out lively youthful fashion in a cool lingo, and became an instant bestseller!

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