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Digital Retail Real Estate: From bricks to clicks


The Retail Market Study 2017 surveys and analyses 155 of the most notable international cities of the fashion and retail world, over 1,300 retailers, 1,030 shopping streets and 550 shopping malls.

How superlative support services ensure a mall's success
As the Indian retail real estate sector moves towards for greater sophistication and maturity, the demand for increasingly advanced and efficient mall management service providers will see a quantum forward leap

Purchasing power on the rise in central and eastern European countries. Europeans have around 0.3 percent more nominal purchasing power per person in 2016 compared to last year. The available net income of the population varies substantially among the 42 countries.

The highest average purchasing power can be found in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembuourg, while the lowest is in Belarus, Moldava and the Ukraine. Ukrainins have only one eightieth the average purchasing power of Liechtenstein inhabitants.

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