Connected Shoppers Report: Insights into the expectations of today’s empowered shoppers

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To explore the current attitudes and habits of today’s shoppers in three global markets (Canada, the United Kingdom and United States), Salesforce Research conducted its ‘2016 Connected Shoppers Report’.
Based on responses from more than 4,000 adults, the research found that retailers no longer dictate the terms of interactions with shoppers.
The cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence revolutions have empowered customers to research and shop in new ways, transforming the relationship from B2C to putting the shopper fully in control.
In addition, new entrants into the retail space, such as Apple Pay and StitchFix, have disrupted the industry, heightening shoppers’ expectations.
To stay competitive, retailers must supercharge their associates, so they are empowered to delight shoppers and increase customer satisfaction.
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