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Natasha Shah, Founder, The Nature’s Co


Natasha Shah
The Nature’s Co

Natasha Shah is the young and dynamic founder of The Nature’s Co., an array of natural and luxurious beauty and wellness products. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she obtained a Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious MET University, Mumbai.

She started her career in 2003 with Amar Remedies Ltd. (ARL), a manufacturer of ayurvedic products such as toothpaste, pain-relieving ointment, balm, medicine and cosmetic toiletries. Also as a Director of Amar Remedies Ltd, she spearheaded the export division and handled existing markets such as Dubai and Africa and made in roads into developing markets such as South America.

As a child, she grew up using natural home remedies for beauty care that progressed to a natural inclination towards this subject. In business, Natasha Shah had a dream and desire to mould this subconscious learning into a new project.

A visionary, she envisaged increasing needs and awareness of discerning customers in India for beauty care. It is with such foresight and enterprising spirit that The Nature’s Co. – a division of Amar Remedies Ltd. (ARL) – has been founded.

Natasha has been researching on natural ingredients, essential oils and its benefits since 2003. Combining her passion with the parent company’s strong roots in Ayurveda, helped her to go further with her research and showcase a complete, natural range of skin, hair and body care products.

At The Nature’s Co., Shah is responsible for undertaking and heading the R&D, packaging and strategy development. Multitasking being her key strength, she looks into each aspect personally in order to ensure that each brand representative is in sync with its philosophy and ideology. From conceptualizing the project to giving birth to its existence, Natasha Shah will soon look into global openings, new product developments and future business plans to expand within India in metropolitan and Tier II cities.