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4 Stages For Rolling Out Endless Aisle: How to launch a successful pilot


As consumers continue to demand a seamless, channel agnostic shopping experience, savvy retailers are opening up their entire inventory array at the store level to meet rising demand. Learn the key tenets of and how to best design an in-store pilot.

Retailers are feeling increased pressure to have an omnichannel presence. Selling product must now be in the blink of an eye or as fast as a smartphone swipe — shoppers want what they want, when they want it. Online, mobile and in-store are quickly merging into a single identity for retailers, and endless aisle has emerged as an important key to meeting fluctuating shopper demand.

Endless aisle capabilities, or the ability to display, access and sell inventory enterprise wide, allow retailers to meet in-store shopper wants by 'stocking' stores with a never-ending supply of SKUs. Mobile-equipped associates, kiosks and smart screens are fast becoming essential for stores of all sizes that want to compete with the online disruptors.

A retailer's store footprint is no longer paramount, all that matters is seamlessly meeting consumer demand, by any means necessary. Endless aisle gives customers an online experience of choices, unlimited by the sales floor or backroom, helping retailers redefine the path to purchase…

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