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WhatsApp service that is priceless at Star Bazaar



One September morning, Neelam Parmar met Star Bazaar Andheri’s regular customer Mrs.Mehta. In conversation, Neelam was informed about Mrs. Mehta’s ill health and the inconvenience that she was facing, as she had to settle for a local grocer. She was not satisfied with the local grocer’s quality and certainly missed the fruits and vegetables variety.

Neelam, empathizing with her offered to shop on her behalf, and send the goods to her residence through a trolley boy. In this way, Mrs. Mehta could share her shopping list on her WhatsApp number, and she could pay when the delivery reaches her home.

Mrs. Mehta was overwhelmed and readily accepted this suggestion, since she was not yet fully fit and was forced to travel for shopping at her favorite store.

For the next few months, Neelam personally shopped for her food & groceries and delivered them at her residence. Several times she spoke to Mrs. Mehta suggesting the latest offers and schemes.

Mrs. Mehta recovered from her illness yet never fails to thank Neelam for her exceptional customer service. She recommends Star Bazaar to her friends and relatives.