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Retail Employees’ Day 2016: Marks & Spencer


Marks and Spencer has always been an advocate of Retail Employees’ Day, marking the day since its inception in 2011. The retail chain celebrates RED with a grand cake cutting ceremony. Senior management take time out on RED Day to visit stores and personally thank all colleagues with signed ‘thank you’ cards.

As M&S grew to 50 stores in India over 2 years, RED celebrations grew bigger with events being planned much in advance and fun activities taking place in a groups of stores across regions.

In 2015, the brand took the philosophy of RED – to showcase the hard work of retail employees – several notches higher by publishing a dedicated magazine, “The Stars of M&S”, narrating stories of exceptional customer service delivered by M&S employees in different stores across India.

The magazine featured heartfelt messages to all employees from the MD and senior management along with snippets detailing the growth and success of M&S. Each employee of M&S went back home with a copy of Stars of M&S on Dec 12, much to their delight.

The Indian team’s efforts towards employee engagement and employee recognition through RED were much appreciated by the global sustainability team of M&S.

M&S has demonstrated how retailers can infuse pride and recognition among their employees and engage them in innovative ways. It also shows how much the HR team and top management have adopted Retail Employees’ Day as they see it creating value in employee engagement.