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Retail Employees’ Day 2016: Going beyond has no boundaries



Satish Raut works as a sales associate at a Titan Eye Plus store in Varanasi. He is one of the top performers, regularly receiving positive feedback from his customers for driving the company’s culture of customer centricity.

One day, the store’s eyewear consultant informed Satish of the plight of a cobbler who sat on the same street where the Titan Eye Plus store was situated. The Cobbler suffered from weak eyesight and this had started affecting his livelihood. Upon hearing this, Satish was deeply moved by the cobblers’ plight and decided to help him out. He invited the cobbler to the store for a free eye-test to find out his eye-power and assured him of doing whatever he could do within his means.

Satish then worked closely with the store’s technician to salvage a spectacle out of the customers’ used lenses and frames. After a week’s effort, Satish found the right combination of frame and lenses that were very close to the requirement of the cobbler. Satish and the eyewear consultant then went and gifted the spectacles to the cobbler.

The whole episode left the cobbler teary eyed and he expressed his
gratitude for the care and concern that Satish had displayed.