Home Retail Employees' Day 2016 Domino’s employee writes: Love and lava have no language

Domino’s employee writes: Love and lava have no language



Guru Francis working at a Domino’s outlet in ITPL, Chennai is a hearing and speech impaired person. On a casual evening at the Domino’s outlet, one of the housekeeping staff members at the IT Park accompanied by her daughter had come to order a pizza.

As the lady was placing her order, the Choco lava cake on the Domino’s menu caught the little girl’s attention & she asked her mother for the same. However, the lady had to decline this, as it was expensive and she was not carrying enough cash at the moment – which didn’t go well with the kid for obvious reasons.

Guru Francis promptly stepped in and spoke to the order taker in sign language. After 10 minutes, the piping hot pizza arrived along with a little surprise in the form of a Choco lava cake. The kid was delighted & jumped out of joy.

Guru Francis, in spite of being a hearing and speech impaired, had the empathy to understand and act with a small action of kindness – paying for the cake out of his own pocket.