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Sanjay Vazirani, CEO & MD, Foodlink Services



Sanjay Vazirani, CEO & MD, Foodlink Services

Sanjay Vazirani, the CEO & MD of Foodlink Services Pvt. Ltd. is an alumnus of Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore.

During his childhood days, he envisioned a brand that could change the concept of dining in India and one that would stand for world-class cuisine and highest standards of service. He saw his life ambition come true when he founded Foodlink Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 2003.

As Vazirani’s first love has always been restaurants, Foodlink has grown into two focused divisions: Foodlink Restaurants (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Foodlink Banquets & Catering (India) Pvt. Ltd., with a family 900+ employees in 13 years.

In Vazirani’s two decades of illustrious experience, he has demonstrated unmatched skills and dedication to take hospitality management to new heights of excellence.

Vazirani, at 49 years, is as young at heart and as inquisitive as a child. He is constantly learning and applying the best practices from across the world to his business affairs. He is a traveler who’s been on a culinary journey founded on passion and driven by perfection. He regularly seeks opportunity to explore new business ideas.