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Vert all set to launch customised handmade skincare products in 2017


You can treat yourself to affordable and customisable handmade skin care products in the coming new year.

Vert all set to launch customised handmade skincare products in 2017
Besides an online store and on ground stores, Vert is getting ready to open doors for international consumers online

Celebrating its five years of existence in the market, the brand is set to launch a customisable skincare range on the counter this new year.

Starting with face packs, the brand will customise products according to your skin requirements.

“When we used to travel abroad, we would fill our bags with freshly made products but in India there wasn’t anybody in this space. Though we have a lot of big players but not in this space,” Co-founder and Director at Vert, , told IANS.

“While we were in Europe on a trip we did a lot of research, learnt a lot from there and came up with the idea and the brand,” she added.

With products being shipped in and bought from places across the globe, the brand, which organised a live customisable counter for individuals here, mixed up oats, coffee, rose petals with respective essential oils to make a blend suitable for different kind of skin textures, be it dry, oily or combination skin.

The spread on the counter had beautiful glass jars with the contents in it while Malhotra herself mixed up the beauty potions and packs for both women and men.

If you suffer from Acne, Malhotra fixed up a remedy for that too.

Talking about competitors in India, Managing Partner for Vert Akassh Bansala, said that in India there are brands which do have handmade products but they aren’t exactly customisable according to skin type of people.

Giving examples of certain brands available and known to people, Bansala says that those are ayurvedic brands which are a different ball game altogether.

He said that what makes Vert stand out is that “Ayurveda cannot ever come up with make-up as per the science. So we have make-up made from natural products. Ayurveda has limitations and we don’t have that issue”.

The brand gets its shea butter from Africa, lavender from Provence (France), mango butter from Goa and saffron from Kashmir.

Vert will introduce customisation to counters in January 2017.

Talking about availability and expansion plans, Bansala says that besides online store and on ground stores, the brand is soon to open doors for “international consumers online within a month”.

Currently Vert is available in DLF Saket mall and the founders plan on expanding in metro cities like Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Mumbai.