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Now, order food using Google Maps


for iOS version 4.24.0 allows users to place local delivery orders using a selection of on-demand services, including Seamless and Grubhub.

Now, order food using Google Maps

Business Insider reports that a recent update to Google Maps provided users with the ability to place orders with local restaurants that use on-demand meal delivery services like Grubhub or Seamless.

The app’s Explore feature shows nearby eateries serving breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and drinks.

The option works when a customer searches for a restaurant on Google Maps. If the restaurant works with a preferred delivery service, the search results will show a “play and order” option.

According to Business Insider, the ordering capability within Google Maps can help boost order volume for on-demand meal delivery services.

As of 2015, about $210 billion worth of food is ordered for delivery or takeout on an annual basis in the US, according to Morgan Stanley Research. Just $11 billion of that is online delivery, and within that subsection, non-pizza online deliveries are worth just $4 billion in annual order volume. This means that the market is underpenetrated but massive.