Ravi DeeCee, Managing Director, DC Books


Ravi DeeCee,
Managing Director,
DC Books
Ravi DeeCee is the Managing Director of DC Books, the retail and publishing house. Prior to this, he has also worked as the Director for the same company.
His professional accomplishments are in creating a brand to reckon with in the territory I do business. DC books is a household name in Kerala. Also, DC Books is considered as an organization which intervenes in the cultural sphere of all the Malayalees, worldwide.
DeeCee enjoys being in retail because he feels retail is probably the only industry where the pulse of an ordinary person can be assessed. Many new creations rather co-creations can happen through interactions with the customer.
He believes to achieve full potential, Indian retailers must innovate new formats and create a sustainable retail model to cope up with the ever changing customer requirement and to enhance their shopping experience.