Toni&Guy organises Hollywood glam pamper party with Olaplex and Archana Vijaya

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Toni&Guy, the world’s number one hair dressing super brand, presented the Hollywood Glam Pamper Party with Olaplex and Archana Vijaya at the Toni&Guy Khan Market Salon.
Toni&Guy is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning hairdressing brand with over 50 years of experience in superior client service, hair-care expertise and education. Combining British precision with an Italian flair, Toni&Guy has catered to the selective clients who have a penchant for value-ridden, and world-renowned education and service.
The Hollywood Glam Pamper Party with Olaplex boasted of an elegant spread of wine and cheese while the guests witnessed magic on their locks through Olaplex treatments. Archana Vijaya, a celebrated name in the fashion fraternity hosted the Toni&Guy X Olaplex Event. The event was accompanied with wine paired with delectable selection of cheese. The Glam Pamper Party witnessed an eminent list of attendees like Pia Pauro, Payal Sen, Charu Sachdev, Deepti, Sonalika Sahay, Sonalee Kumar and Rasna Bhasin among others.
Archana Vijaya said, “It is an absolute honour to have associated with two leading hair brands like Toni&Guy and Olaplex. Toni&Guy’s name speaks for itself. As an international hairdressing and make-up brand, Toni&Guy North India has positively sustained their mark as one of the leading salons in the country. Olaplex truly works wonders and I definitely recommend everyone to try it. Generally after a blow dry, the hair texture becomes a little dry, however after getting Olaplex treatment, my hair felt light, boosted and much stronger. The hair experts at Toni&Guy were very well informed and the overall salon experience maintained the international standards.”
As a renowned hair care brand, Olaplex claims to reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. The treatment is labeled a bond multiplier, which limits damage to hair during or after colouring. A lot of people with damaged hair have managed to get amazing results from Olaplex.
“Olaplex promises results and we are very confident that Toni&Guy will provide the same due to its regard for high quality and experience. Olaplex has worked wonders for a lot of people. Toni&Guy truly are an industry leader due to not only their expertise but also their customer service,” said  CEO, Streamline Services India – P&G Retail & Salon Professional and Olaplex India, Ankit Arora.
Director, Toni&Guy North India, Sonali Bhambri said, “At Toni&Guy, North India, a brand which is made on global standards and offers an enriching experience with great customer service, we are delighted to associate with Olaplex with Archana Vijaya on board. We definitely look forward to more such associations in the future.”
For Toni&Guy, North India, the international legacy and quality of service is the key differentiator. It is an entire experience that sets the brand apart from its competition. At Toni&Guy, North India, a lot of emphasis is laid on education and training the staff recruited to instill work ethics and level of expertise that measures up to the Toni&Guy brand identity internationally.
The leading hairdressing brand also launched their first cutting edge hairdressing academy in New Delhi in September 2016. The academy will provide budding hairdressers and aestheticians a unique experience that includes exclusive and professional education. This academy will set a new benchmark for the industry and further re-enforce Toni&Guy salons market and leadership in India as it is on the global map, and will also serve as a means to educate and train the internal staff in the first year before opening to the public.

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