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Top 8 most valuable retail brands of the world


There are many things that make a brand valuable to consumers in this day and age. Apart from significant revenue generation, price, reputation, availability, core company values and engaging brand marketing can make all the difference in propelling a brand to the top of the most valuable brands in the world list.

Forbes.com took all these factors and many more into account before compiling a list of the Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in the world. Under consideration were 200 global brands.

The brands span 16 countries and cross 19 broad industry categories. In 2016, the average brand rose 6 per cent in value compared to 2015. The cumulative brand value of the top 100 brands $1.8 trillion with the cut-off at $6.7 billion for No. 100 Costco.

Indiaretailing Bureau bring you the top 8 most valuable global retail brands from within this list…