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Sakshi Arora, Director and CEO, Kids Around


Sakshi Arora
Director and CEO
Kids Around

Sakshi Arora is the Director and CEO of Kids Around. She has a deep understanding of the fashion world. She is recognised for meticulous attention to detail. Traveling is her passion which has helped her to explore fashion trends and traditions and incorporate these in her enterprises. Being a mother of two kids, she understand the need of Kids Fashion in India, which resulted to bring Kids Around in India.

According to Arora, “India is a great market for kids fashion. Parents in India have doubled their spending on kids, especially in the clothing sectors.”

Since childhood, she was interested in a career that involved creativity and design. While her education in Fashion Designing taught her the excellence of craftsmanship. She further pursued her career in Retail and Entrepreneurship, this distinct exposure has enhanced her entrepreneur skill.

Being Mom-preneur, she enjoys multitask and the various facets of life, be it family, kids, career, the home front or social life. While this balancing act is a skill, it is important to realize that it isn’t about choosing one priority over the other; it is about accommodating all the priorities and facts of life that a woman holds the potential to enjoy.

According to Arora, “Entrepreneurship is the capacity to pick up on our dreams and translate vision into action, underpinned by innovation and calculated risk-taking. It is the ability to develop ideas into concrete products or services by organizing and managing a venture so as to generate profit.”