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British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton opens first gallery in India


On 20th August, British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton opens the doors to its first gallery in India. Partnering with Tarun Vadehra Interiors in New Delhi, the new Timothy Oulton gallery is an explosion for the senses, showcasing the brand’s signature relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic in a space packed with drama, intrigue and quirky vintage curios.

Driven by a passion for traditional handcraftsmanship and a deep affection for British heritage, Timothy Oulton is known for its fresh interpretation of classic designs, infusing pieces with a daring, modern twist for a distinctive collection that is inspired by the past but relevant for today. The company’s global yet niche appeal will resonate with New Delhi’s well-travelled crowd who are seeking quality, world-class furnishings.


11 The Gallery

Occupying two floors of the four-storey Tarun Vadehra Interiors showroom, the new 3600 square foot gallery is located in a leafy lane off the Defence Colony flyover. Defence Colony is a vibrant and affluent neighbourhood, popular among Delhiites as a fashionable lifestyle and shopping destination. The gallery stands in good company, in close proximity to several upscale designer stores, art galleries, chic boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Walking into the new gallery feels like stepping into a curious new world. The romance of past eras and British heritage is brought alive with a daring, modern energy in the storied furniture and home accessories. Make yourself at home on warm, buttery leather sofas, run your hand along the characterful surfaces of reclaimed wood tables, surrounded by dramatic chandeliers hanging from rope nooses and champagne buckets filled with fresh red roses.

1. The Gallery

22 About Tarun Vadehra Interiors

Tarun Vadehra Interiors has been a pioneering force in the furniture industry for over 40 years. The company was established in 1973, just three years before Tim Oulton’s father opened his antiques shop in England, where a young Tim became captivated by the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of antiques. Like Timothy Oulton, Tarun Vadehra Interiors is a family business, driven by a passion for creating unique interiors and authentically handcrafted furniture.

Tim Oulton says: “New Delhi has this incredible blend of rich heritage with modern vibrancy, it’s that contrast of tradition with innovation that’s also reflected in our designs. New Delhi’s been evolving over recent years, people today live a much more global lifestyle and want to come home to somewhere that inspires them, where they can relax and connect with family and friends. It’s those ideas that are really at the heart of our collections.”

2. About Tarun Vadehra Interiors

33 The Partnership

Amit Vadehra, of Tarun Vadehra Interiors, said of the partnership: “Timothy Oulton shares our commitment to outstanding quality and fine handcraftsmanship, comparable to the very best in the world. We’re delighted to invite people to come to the New Delhi store and experience something totally different, in both the collections themselves and the unique store experience.”

The opening of the New Delhi gallery marks the next energetic step in Timothy Oulton’s careful expansion. From New York to Hong Kong to London, Timothy Oulton has introduced its daring authenticity to now over 35 of the world’s best cities.

3. The Partnership

44 About Timothy Oulton 

Before he went into the antiques trade, Tim’s father was a major in the British Army. It’s from him that Tim got a taste for military pageantry (and a bit of a thing for drums). When he left school, Tim thought he might end up becoming a man in a suit, but in that first summer when he worked for his dad’s antique business he got the bug. He fell in love with beautiful old things that carry secrets and stories in the leather and the wood, and there was no going back. Years of scanning flea markets uncovered Tim’s instinct for finding the most beautiful pieces. He loves antiques, but recognises their limitations. The Timothy Oulton vision is bigger than simply trading in old beauties. It is a passion to make beautiful and practical furniture, inspired by the past but re-visioned to be relevant for today.

Quality craftsmanship really matters, there are no cutting corners. The best quality leathers from South America are hand tumbled to a soft worn finish. Individually hand-tied spring systems ensure a secure and comfortable seat. Hand-stitching, traditional joinery and hand-tufting all take time. Tim says, “If it takes 12 days to make it, I’m drawn to it. The more intricate and detailed it is, the more authentic and unique it will be.”

Timothy Oulton cares about the provenance of the materials as much as the skills of its craftspeople. Reclaimed weathered timber might come from decommissioned Chinese fishing junks or the centuryold beams of an English distillery. Pieces are designed to celebrate the history of the materials and to give them a second life, with imperfections and ‘signs of life’ considered by Tim to be marks of authenticity and soul.

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