Major Indian retailers are gearing up for their traditional End of Season Sales (EOSS), each hoping to increase their shares of customers’ wallets during the mega sale season. Not every retailer will emerge a winner, however. Some will discount more steeply or for longer periods than necessary, essentially conditioning consumers to wait for their sales and doing irrevocable damage to their brands. Others will fail to convert new customers acquired via expensive EOSS promotions because they do not have the tools or insights they need to formulate and execute effective nurturing strategies across the entire customer lifecycle from new, to repeat to long-term brand loyal. Some retailers will even lose loyal customers during their end of season sales because they fail to treat them differently and/or subject their most loyal customers to shopping experiences that are not up to brand standards.
This study by Capillary Technologies outlines best practices for EOSS that will not only help retailers to avoid big mistakes in the coming season, but also to maximize EOSS footfalls, revenues and inventory-liquidation rates, while gaining (versus losing) brand currency in the process…
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