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Concept restaurants all set to revolutionize India’s food biz


The success of any restaurant in the city doesn’t just depend on food anymore. Ambience plays a very important role, which is why many new restaurants are coming up with their own unique themes to complement the gastronomical experience.

The F&B industry is focusing more on theme and concept-based restaurants that include the ambience, food, music and other offerings. The urge to serve something special to patrons has resulted in the opening of many concept-based eateries in the city.

Stronger concepts ensure longevity, novelty and popularity, and a restaurant is able to better define its audience and offer products that will suit preferences of its target group.

With more and more concept restaurants sprouting in the city, Delhi is slowly but surely becoming the gourmet capital of India. Here is a list of concept-based restaurants in Delhi that are redefining the eating-out culture.


11 Chor Bizarre

Old is Gold

Chor Bizarre is India’s first concept-based restaurant that captures the spirit of the ‘chor bazaar’ or ‘thieves market’ within its kaleidoscopic interiors and serves authentic regional Indian cuisine in a unique atmosphere. However, it’s the wares and utensils picked up from different places that make it unique. There is a possibility that when diners sit down to eat, all the cutlery and crockery might be different from each other. And do not get surprised to find a car parked in the middle of the restaurant, it is an interesting setup for their Chaat corner.

Chor Bizarre Delhi started operations in 1990 at Hotel Broadway and was India’s first ISO 9002 certified restaurant. It was the first Indian restaurant to open a branch in Mayfair, London in 1997. Chor Bizarre is also a popular dining option in Lavasa.

Must Try – Veg Trami, Non Veg Trami, Palak Patta Chaat, Galouti Kebab, Kashmiri Tarmi and Dal Chor Bizarre

Cost for two – Rs 1,500 plus taxes

1. Chor Bizarre

22 The Jugaad Cafe and Bar

The Jugaad Café and Bar as the name suggests has been designed with everyday waste. The Jugaad menu at the restaurant offers an array of great fusion food with a touch of Indian street food flavour to it.

The restaurant has an unconventional décor designed by Vani Vats who has used various waste materials to make the restaurant look like a paradise for all the recycle start-ups. Be it the use of truck headlights to light up space or the chandeliers made out of cycle tyres; be it the tables made out of scrap or the washbasin created out of scooter tyres; from glasses made of used beer bottles to table tops made up of wrenches,nuts and screws, The Jugaad Café and Bar takes quirkiness to an entirely different level.

Must Try –  Jugaadu Dhamaka Sandwich, Todu Macroni Cheese Burger,  Dragon Hair with Vanilla Ice Cream

Cost for two – Rs 1,200 plus taxes

2. The Jugaad Cafe and Bar

33 Cafe Dalal Street

Café Dalal Street is based on the novel concept of stock exchanges. A concept that has already gained a lot of popularity in Mumbai has enthralled the patrons in Delhi as well. It is based on the modus operandi of any stock exchange, wherein the thrill of trading is palpable albeit through cocktails and not shares.

True to its name CDS has screens all over the pub where one can see the prices of drinks going up and down and then invest/order accordingly. FYI- sometimes the market crashes too allowing you to sip single malts and the finest cocktails at throw away prices.

Must Try – Bankrupt, Bull Chaser, The Deal Closer, Milano Eggplant Caponata Crostini

Cost for two – Rs 2,000 plus taxes

3. Cafe Dalal Street

44 Jungle Jamboree

One is transported to a scene out of the Jungle book, as one enters Jungle Jamboree’s jungle zone – one of the five themes the restaurant is divided into. With Jungle Jamboree being a complete treat for the senses, the other themed spaces include aqua, hunting lodge, kids zone and sky garden, each zone aims to encapsulate the very essence of it.

From the blue aqua zone surrounded by aquariums housing colorful fish, a beautiful marble mermaid in an underwater cave like setting to a cozy wooden hunting lodge, reminiscent of the British Raj hunting lodges, equipped with a wooden communal dining table, is perfect for private gatherings with friends and family. The dining options set the mood for a feast like never before.

Must Try – Tandoori Aloo, Jungle Kick, Mirchi Baingan Ka Salan

Cost for two – 1,100 plus taxes

4. Jungle Jamboree

55 Addams House

Do names like Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing take you down to a memory lane? Does even an iota of thought about the Addams Family starts tickling your funny bone? Re-cherish those memories of childhood days at The Addams House.

The stylish restaurant is dotted with aesthetically placed elements that will reconnect you to the famous Addams Family. From a sculpture of a cat eating a man where only legs of the man is visible to carpet hanging on the wall with an open mouth of the dog adds to the gothic feel and magical feel that the cartoon series has created. 3D installations and the artistic walls like the one adorning the book rack with a face printed on it are the other few elements that grace the beauty of Addams living room.

Must Try – Inverted Lamb Seekh, Addams Dragon Popcorn, Horny Cowboy,

Cost for two – Rs 1,400 plus taxes

5. Addams House

66 Imly

Imly is a unique bistro where delicacies from across the streets of India are served in a 250 ft long train-like setting complete with an engine! The restaurant looks nothing less than a luxury train with different compartments, baggage racks full of luggage and TV screens projecting sweet and spicy snapshot of the entire country.

Co-owner, Varun Puri says, “Imly was opened with a vision to serve the delicious and authentic street food from all over India under one roof.”

Must Try – Chinese Bhel Platter, Jini Dosa, Rice – The Imly Way

Cost for two – Rs 750 plus taxes

6. Imly

77 Bollywood Biistro

The two most important things for Indians are ‘Cricket’ and ‘Cinema’. While the former surges up the adrenaline during a match between the rival neighbours, the latter is an integral part of every Indian’s DNA. And providing a gastronomic twist to it is Bollywood Biistro.

As you enter the restaurant, you can spot references to popular characters and dialogues right from the 1970s to the present time at almost every corner you turn your eyesight to. The constant playing of hindi film songs of varied genres and era, easily transports you to the age of your favourite yesteryear superstar.

Must Try – Cottage Cheese Saslik Sizzler, Pasta Primavera, Banoffee Pie

Cost for two – Rs 1,600 plus taxes

7. Bollywood Biistro

88 Garam Dharam

Bollywood actor Dharmendra’s movies, songs, dialogues were an instant hit, in fact, they have become legendary. Paying an ode to the superstar is Garam Dharam.

The restaurant mesmerises with a bioscope at the entrance, walls adorning posters of Dharmendra’s popular movies and famous dialogues and dhaba style interiors. The metal cage covering the bar gives the feel of a desi theka and bike bang in the middle of the restaurant reminds of superhit movie Sholay.

Must Try – Dharmendra Ki Special Chaap, Khatti Meethi Chulbuli, Kesar Kheer

Cost for two – Rs 1,200 plus taxes

8. Garam Dharam

99 Dockyard – The Brewing Co.

Recently Opened

Dockyard – The Brewing Co in Gurugram gives the look and feel of an actual dockyard with pieces of worn out ships adorning the place. The restaurant has been carefully placing the real ship parts like sailor wheels, ship ropes, compasses and other knick-knacks from seafaring sojourns.

The food at this recently opened restaurant is served by servers decked up as sailors. What takes the diners by a storm is a mighty 27-screen display that arrests you with stunning videos of the sea.

Must Try – Dockyard Pub Exotic Vegetables, All Hens on the Deck, Schezwan Pepper Tiramisu

Cost for two – Rs 1,400 plus taxes

9. Dockyard – The Brewing Co.

1010 India on my Plate

Fortune Select Hotel has recently launched a new restaurant – India on my Plate. The concept of the restaurant is to incorporate specialties of all the Indian. The menu of the restaurant changes every week to justify the  concept. The rich ambience done to traditional Indian lines complements the menu as well as the name.

The Brand Master Chef creates dishes and menus combining Indian ingredients with local produce and Indian cooking techniques from ‘Uttar Dakshin Purab Paschim’ with a modern design template which produces a distinctive layering of flavour.

Must Try – Neer More, Galouti Kababs, Chicken Chettinad, Gosht Awadh Biryani, Mutton Curry, Dal-e-Fortune and Dahi Aloo Achari

Cost for two – Rs 3,000 plus taxes

10. India on my Plate

1111 Plumber

It is unusual to see manholes and pipes inside a restaurant, and Plumber truly glorifies them with its intricate conception and design. There are manhole covers adorning the ceiling, plumbing pipes coming out of the walls and the partially blue painted floor gives the illusion of you sitting in the middle of a broken pipe that’s leaking water.

“Manholes and pipes always bring about a negative thought to our mind. With Plumber we decided to give this a completely opposite twist and glorify them instead,” said Garima Malhotra, co-owner of the concept restaurant.

Must Try – Broccoli Wrapped Chicken, Lotus Pairy, Fire From The Ground, Plumber Special in the Sky

Cost for two – Rs 850 plus taxes

11. Plumber

1212 Piali – The Curry Bistro

The humble curry redefines the pleasure of enjoying the comfort food and this is the reason why it holds a special place in the Indian cuisine. As the name suggests, Piali serves over 40 varieties of curries from across the world. You choose your curry first and accordingly you will be served rice, roti, bread or naan as a side dish.

“Different types of curry have travelled from around the world and evolved over the ages. This is why we decided to give a little more attention to the curry by making it the dish in focus at Piali- The Curry Bistro,” said Co-owner, Siddharth.

Must Try – Corn Tempura, Bhutta Methi Malai, Dal Maash Lahori

Cost for two – Rs 1,200 plus taxes

12. Piali – The Curry Bistro

1313 Office Canteen Bar

Soon To Open

The theme of this restaurant revolves around restrictions at the office. Here, unlike in office, you can let down your hair and do whatever you are stopped from doing at your office – sitting on the table, shouting, drinking and enjoying with your friends and colleagues. We will be introducing DIY cocktails as well at this outlet.

13. Office Canteen Bar

1414 Drama Upside Down Bar

As the name suggests, this place has lots of drama in terms of food, presentation and interiors. The theme of this place is upside down. Everything from flower pots to lamps to clocks are upside down. Patrons will be able to enjoy modern, Indian, multi as well as fusion cuisines at the Drama Cafe.

14. Drama Upside Down Bar

1515 Tourist

Global street food will be served at Tourist. People who have traveled around the globe will be able to connect to this place. It will depict the life of a traveler and will aim to entice patrons to travel and explore the world.

15. Tourist