Uzwal Kumar Chatterjee, VP and Head IT, Shop CJ Network Pvt. Ltd


Uzwal Kumar Chatterjee
VP and Head IT
Shop CJ Network Pvt. Ltd
Within the realm of IT, Uzwal Kumar Chatterjee, who is an MBA and MCA, is also so much more. From MRP, Y2K, ERP and logistics and SCM to BI analytics, CRM, virtualization, web, e-commerce and cloud and mobility, he’s worked across the spectrum in the 2+ decades he’s spent in IT.
He specializes in super-powering startups, using his expertise to enable key business initiatives through technology selection, implementation, and change management, cost and risk reduction strategies. As CIO and technologist, Uzwal thrives on the challenges inherent to today’s dynamic, digital and customer-driven market.
Earlier, Chatterjee was associated with Mahindra Retail as VP and Head IT, Jubliant Retail as Assistant VP and Head IT, PepsiCo as IT Manager, Ranbaxy as IT Officer, Anand Nishikawa Co. Ltd. As Programmer Analyst and Ess & Jay Computers as Programmer-cum-course coordinator.
Top five priorities for Chatterjee for 2016-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, building and enhancing the mobile strategy, big data strategy – storage and analysis, data security and fraud protection and embracing the cloud and cloud services.
According to Chatterjee top three challenges that retailers will face from a tech POV are adapting to the cloud, creating seamless Omnichannel solutions and data analytics.

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