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DLF Mall Of India: An eternal fashion destination


India’s mall space hits a new dimension with the launch of the long awaited DLF Mall of India. Sprawled over 2 million square feet, it is the largest shopping mall in India and harbours over 330 brands along with about 100 kiosks.

With the launch of DLF Mall of India in Noida (Delhi NCR), India got its first destination mall. Spread over two million square feet which can broadly be defined as current malls into four times, DLF Mall of India houses over 330 brands, close to 100 kiosks selling interesting curios, tid-bits and some quick-bite counters.

DLF Mall of India has been designed as per international standards. It introduces the unique concept of zoning for an upgraded shopping experience such as – all Indian, ethnic, wedding and occasion wear on one floor, kids and casual dining on an individual floor, while indoor entertainment sitting on the top two floors of the mall.

The mall also has some interesting differentiators like the top floor of the mall has an indoor snow park, gaming facility for kids, DT Cinemas and a massive food court. “DLF Mall of India has a very well thought out marketing calendar, which is linked to tenant sales and has very targeted ROI’s attached with every event and promotion. Every event and activity planned is targeted towards improving the sales and has a full strategy engine working behind it,” said Executive Vice President and Head, DLF Mall of India, Pushpa Bector.

Things to look out for in DLF Mall of India :


11 Shopper’s Paradise

DLF Mall of India houses 330 brands with over 100 fashion brands, 75 food and beverage brands and an iconic entertainment zone which offers the same experience as Dubai Mall and some of the malls in Singapore.

1. Shopper’s Paradise

22 Convenience and Ease of Shopping

Introducing the unique concept of ‘zoning’ for the first time in India, the mall is divided into five impeccably crafted zones, making the shopping experience of visitors all the more seamless and convenient. The mall is categorised into five zones namely — ‘market place’ on the lower ground level; ‘international boulevard’ on the ground and first level; ‘high street’ on the second level; ‘family world’ on the third level and ‘leisure land’ on the fourth and fifth floor.

2. Convenience and Ease of Shopping

33 A Full Floor for Indian-Ethnic Shopping

High Street zone at DLF Mall of India is one of its kind in the mall segment. The organised format of the zone provides convenient access to some of the best Indian ethnics as well as designer brands in the country. Some of these brands include Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Bombay Selection, Meena Bazaar, Simran, Anokhi, Biba, Zardozi, Lakshita, Ethnicity, Suvasa, Perfection House, Greenways, Charming and many more. It’s a paradise for wedding, occasion and daily ethnic wear shopping.

3. A Full Floor for Indian-Ethnic Shopping

44 Feast on a Delicious F&B Platter

With a total of 75 F&B options to choose from, there is something to please every food enthusiast. What’s more? Its food court is massive with a lot of good options to choose from.

4. Feast on a Delicious F&B Platter

55 The Largest Array of Indoor Entertainment

Redefining the concept of indoor entertainment are the mall’s unique and large-scale gaming concepts. The top floor of the mall features ‘-15 degrees and below’ in Ski India, an indoor snow park modelled after Ski Dubai, Smaash and also an all new format of Funcity for kids below 10 years on the fourth floor. The floor also houses 7-star DT Cinemas with a seating capacity of 2,000 people.

5. The Largest Array of Indoor Entertainment

66 A Special Treat for Kids

The cinema has a special treat for kids in the form of a unique auditorium for children with a dedicated kids candy bar.

6. A Special Treat for Kids

77 Digitally Smart

The visitors will be pleased to see smart advertising on LED walls along with some useful digital directories that will remind you of any good international mall.

7. Digitally Smart

88 Eco-friendly Mall

DLF Mall of India is the first LEED Gold certified mall in North India. It has energy efficient air-conditioning system with 20 per cent less energy consumption, solar power plant of 40KW for using solar energy, solar water heater with a capacity of 4,000 litre to save electricity, ventilation fans coupled with CO sensors in car parking, pumps and fans coupled with variable speed drives to save energy, sequencing batch reactor for waste water treatment with largest technology and organic waste converter for wet garbage.

8. Eco-friendly Mall

99 Minimal and Green

The mall is refreshingly different from other malls in the city – other DLF malls included. For instance, the interiors have been kept minimal, fresh with white showing quite abundantly. You will like the plush greens when you drive in the complex.

9. Minimal and Green