LeEco’s ‘super TVs’ to support gaming and HD programmes

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Chinese conglomerate LeEco has said it will launch its super TVs in India on August 4 which will have powerful hardware to support gaming and high-definition television programmes.
The company has sent out an invite that sports a huge flat screen placed adjacent to a phone screen. It shows a tiny fish on a phone screen turning into a big shark when seen on the TV screen.
LeEco is expected to launch its TV believed to carry ARM Cortex A17 processor paired with Mali T720 GPU.
“This is new high in Indian TV market as far as CPU power is concerned. Most of LeEco’s competitors’ flagship models carry either an ARM Cortex A9 or A7 processor,” the company said.
TVs are no longer used for just watching soaps and movies but also as gaming console and entertaining hub and for this they require Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU).
While GPU is responsible for clear, sharp images and better quality pictures while watching fast moving scenes or action packed movies, the CPU determine how fast a TV can process information.
The internet-based ecosystem TV has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of high-speed flash memory that guarantees precision, smooth streaming and image clarity during watching fast motion scenes or multi-tasking with apps and games.
The super TV also comes with professional MACE PRO4 image processor that will maintain frame-to-frame coherence without image trailing when watching a sporting event.
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