The Forum: Adding zing to Chennai’s shopping experience

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Home. Work. Forum. The Forum Chennai set in the heart of Chennai is positioned around this vision with the mall being an ideal third place or a hangout destination for a Chennaiite apart from their households and work spaces. The Forum takes pride in presenting to guests an unparalleled experience beyond shopping. Be it going on a shopping spree with one’s friends and family picking from an array of fashion brands, indulging over a cup of coffee or going on a culinary journey or watching a movie in a state-of-the-art cinemas, The Forum has it all!
The Forum Chennai is situated in Vadapalani-Kodambakkam which is fondly referred to as the Hollywood of Tamil Cinema thanks to the many film studios and actors residing in these areas. So don’t be surprised if you come across a film director deep in thought in their food court or a budding actress splurging away at fashion stores.
The Forum Chennai is the only shopping mall in Chennai that has a metro station and a bus depot within a 100 meter distance. The mall is easily accessible from Arcot Road and Jawaharlal Nehru Road with large frontages on both the sides. The mall caters to 25 per cent of the city’s population with catchment population of 2 million against 7.5 million in Chennai.
Spread over a sprawling 14.7 lakh square feet space, The Forum is Chennai’s superlative by clocking in a footfall of 2 million guests every month. The mall can be rightly defined as a shopper’s paradise with hundred plus brands. The brands at The Forum have been carefully picked and chosen based on the city’s needs. Chennai is rooted deep in traditions but the people also welcome new add-ons provided to them with a balance. A dearth of offerings for the unexplored market lead to Prestige Group’s journey to Chennai.
The Forum has several anchor stores. It houses the city’s largest hypermarket with Spar spread over 100,000 square feet space. The mall also has a must-visit Palazzo by SPI Cinemas that is one of the best cinemas in the country with Venetian interiors. Palazzo has 9 state-of-the-art screens equipped with RDX-4K, with a total of 3,010 seats and is designed by Giovanni Castor. There’s also an upcoming IMAX in store to surprise shoppers. Palazzo recreates the majesty of Italian grandeur by combining a state of the art cinematic experience and sublime service in the most opulent surroundings. Fresco-adorned walls, Italian marbles, a royal scepter are just a few of the things that will greet you as you enter Palazzo.
Understanding the city’s love for traditional clothing The Forum houses RmKV spread over three floors and 80,000 square feet. It also has the largest food court in the city which is an 850-seater and is called Via South, the food court is themed around digital kolams (rangoli), depicting the mall’s balance between modernization and customary roots. The mall also has Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Westside and Max among other fashion brands.
The Forum Chennai is an activity hub. “It becomes challenging to put together events that are distinctive enough to catch the fancy of a wide range of guests that we cater to. We do campaigns round the year and these include weekender events, calendar campaigns and marquee iconic events that are the talk of the town”, says COO, Prestige Retail, Muhammad Ali.
“We have done several events that have literally been city show-stoppers. Whichever way you look at it, The Forum Chennai has been the upping the benchmarks for raising shopping experience to a whole new high in Chennai”, he adds.
Adding wow factor to every event and campaign has been the core objective of the team. “Rather than repeating regular events, we believe in guests in experiencing something new when they visit the mall. From tying up with Disney, Green Gold, Turner and doing some of the best auto expos, wedding expos to badminton tournaments LIVE at the mall, we have done it all!” he further adds.
The Forum Chennai believes in doing it BIG. The mall has had some of the biggest concerts in town with artists like Padmashri Hariharan, Benny Dayal, Javed Ali, Vijayaprakash, Naresh Iyer and Karthik to name a few. They have also hosted record breaking campaigns such as India’s tallest Golu and longest’s 1,000 kg photo cake.
The Chennai rains had a massive impact in the city with huge damages. Doing their bit to the society, the mall had undertaken a host of activities right from the day of the highest rainfall. For starters, they had kept the mall open during the nights to provide shelter to those in need. They had offered free parking for those who needed to park their vehicles in a dry space. They distributed food packets and offered food and shelter not just to hundreds of mall and tenant staff but also to the neighbourhood areas that were badly affected. They had reached out to those in need of rescue and communicated to the rescue teams. They had also set up a flood donation booth at the mall wherein guests extended their support with relief for a month long period and we dropped them off in required spaces. They had associated with Fever FM in their relief activities and supported them in coordinating their relief collection as well.

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