Integrating olives into the Indian diets

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Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Extenda (the trade poromotion agency from the region of Andalusia) and Interaceituna (The Professional Association of the Spanish Olive Industry) has flagged off its third annual campaign – Olives from Spain- in India.
The campaign aims to promote olive consumption, raise awareness and versatility of this key Mediterranean ingredient in India.
This year, the promotion campaign has collaborated with the Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal as Brand Ambassador. An Instagram account featuring recipes which include Spanish olives developed by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai or other renowned Chefs is the newest addition to the online social media campaign.
Instagram will also be used to provide updates, recipes photographs and specially newly created short videosrecipes showing imaginative recipes of Indian cuisine and Spanish cuisine using olives as a key ingredient.
“As a sportsman I travel a lot. I feel extremely happy when I find products from my country when I am abroad. Contributing to their promotion makes me feel proud,” Nadal said about his collaboration with the campaign.
In addition to these social media promotional activities, participation at the Palate Festival in New Delhi will be the major part of this promotional season. Major events will take place during the second half of the year.
Spain is the world leader in table olive production. It exports olives to more than 120 countries, representing 40% of the global market. The main markets for Spanish olives are the USA, Italy, Germany and France.
Since 2007, Olives from Spain has targeted other potential markets. India has been identified as a country where consumption is steadily increasing. To continue with this positive trend, this campaign is focused on presenting ideas for integrating olives into the Indian diet. It also focuses on sharing the nutritional benefits and the importance of olives in the Mediterranean diet, which is listed as an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO.

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