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Satyendra K Dwivedi, CTO & VP, Mahindra Retail


Satyendra K Dwivedi
Mahindra Retail

Satyendra K Dwivedi has been working in the IT and retail space for 19 years, beginning his career at Infosys. He then moved to Oracle and secured extensive experience in product releases, product management and quality control.

His specialization includes software services and product development for both enterprise and web products. The milestone of his career was building a scalable and secure – web and mobile platform to serve 4X users in a short time frame of six months.

Prior to this, Dwivedi was associated with HolidayIQ.com as Chief Technology Officer & Vice President (Engineering), Just4kids Services Private Limited (mycity4kids.com) as VP Engineering, ProClass Service Solutions as Founder Partner, Oracle India Pvt Ltd as Manager Oracle Retail and Infosys Technologies Ltd as Project Manager.

Top five priorities for Dwivedi for 2016-2018 are building a single customer experience across channels, integrating methodologies to manage co-existence of multiple disparate systems used in retail, building and enhancing mobile strategy, big data storage – storage and analysis and embracing the cloud and cloud services.

According to Dwivedi, top three challenges retailers will face from a technology point of view are transitioning from 2nd Platform (Client server) to 3rd Platform(mobile, social, big data and cloud services & possibly usage of IOT), Omnichannel – challenging to build and integrate systems and processes to provide Omnichannel experience to customers and Managing customer expectations – the customer expects a seamless experience everywhere, all the time and at very high speed. 100 per cent availability of systems, high performance, fast delivery of merchandising, instant communication, discounts are going to create both challenges and opportunities for retailers.