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Varun Jhawar, Co-Founder Fizzy, Foodlabs Pvt Ltd


Varun Jhawar
Fizzy Foodlabs Pvt Ltd

Varun Jhawar, an individual with an entrepreneurial bent of mind and love for food, ventured into the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market with Fizzy Foodlabs Pvt Ltd in the year 2012. Using his in-depth knowledge of the industry, Jhawar along with his two IITian friends Nipun Katyal and Manish Tirthani introduced the brand Chef’s Basket to the Indian consumers.

During their engineering years at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, the three young minds noticed a gap in the market which lacked world food options, easy accessibility of ingredients, recipe knowledge and much more. With an idea to capture this gap and his passion for good world food, Jhawar decided to bring gourmet food to every Indian’s kitchen through their brand.

Having worked with a renowned company like Procter & Gamble during his initial years, Jhawar’s expertise in team building, business strategy and development, marketing strategy and management along with product/ingredient sourcing and procurement, resulted in the establishment of Chef’s Basket which planned on changing the food eating habits in India.

A charismatic leader, Jhawar has a dream of expanding the product category line in a way that it brings a piece of every country in the world to India through their global cuisine and plans on taking authentic Indian cuisine to the rest of the world.

When not at work, Jhawar loves to spend his time reading books which he believes help him to become an innovative thinker and keen observer when at work.