Reebok opens latest 'Fit Hub' concept store in Ludhiana

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Reebok India launched their latest Fit Hub concept store at Silver Arc Mall, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana on Thursday.
Managing Director, Reebok and Adidas India, Dave Thomas was quoted by ANI as saying, “It gives us immense pleasure to launch our latest Reebok Fit Hub store in Ludhiana and we are thrilled to strengthen our presence as the go-to fitness brand in the city. By providing consumers with an avenue to shop for all their fitness needs, we aim to empower them to embark on their fitness journey and adopt the ‘Fit for Life’ attitude and mindset.”
“We are confident that we will receive a great response from the fitness enthusiasts of Ludhiana, and that we will motivate more residents of the city to join the fitness movement. This is just the beginning as we plan to further strengthen our foothold in Punjab market and make significant inroads. We will soon launch new stores in Bhatinda, Patiala, Jalandhar and Chandigarh and spread the Reebok fitness revolution across Punjab,” he was further quoted as saying.
According to a report in ANI: The new Reebok Fit Hub store will serve and support the local fitness community of Ludhiana, offering a new range of Reebok footwear, clothing and accessories for various fitness activities.
Store Design Concept
Designed to help people change the way they perceive fitness, new ‘Fit Hub’ store is a retail concept that guides shoppers on a fitness journey from getting started, to finding the right fitness gear to suit their training needs and fitness goals.
Each store is designed to give a look and feel of a gym with fixtures that replicate gym equipment such as pull up grids, genuine gym flooring and jump boxes as seating, providing customers a one-of-a-kind retail fitness experience. The stores also have clearly demarcated merchandise sections for different fitness activities such as training, running, and aerobics, dance and yoga, which create an easy shopping experience.
Initiated in 2013 in India, Reebok’s innovative ‘Fit Hub’ stores have become popular amongst the consumer and have seen tremendous success across important markets, reaching a landmark of over 145 stores.
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